Wild Rift: Emote and Lane Calling Guide

Wild Rift Lux
Image credit: Riot Games

So you downloaded Wild Rift on December 10 and have had a great old time playing against other people in some fun games of Mobile League of Legends but you constantly see others spamming a thumbs up emote over their champion head? How did that appear? You also can't help but wonder "how do I call a lane before a match?"

Well not to worry, for some of the smaller, nitty-gritty details of Wild Rift we’ve got your back. How to emote and how to call lane aren’t the most important aspects, but it’s nice to let others know where you’d like to play or give them a sweet thumbs up when they get a triple kill.

How to Emote

Well to start off, players will have to actually get some emotes, since always throwing a thumbs up, the free emote given to everyone at the beginning, gets a bit boring after a while.

Gaining emotes is easy. By completing missions, players can gain Poro Coins which can be exchanged for emotes in the store. Also by playing through events, players are able to get event-specific emotes. Currently, the Noxian Brotherhood event is ongoing and there, players can get an emote related to Darius and Draven.

So now you’ve got the emotes, what next? You go onto the main menu and click on the star icon on the bottom left. Click on Emotes and drag your emotes into the right-hand squares.

Once you're in a game, you’ll be able to use these emotes, by clicking on the chat option on the right. At first you'll be on a page with multiple exclamations, but in a tab on the right you'll be able to find the emotes column, which has all your saved emotes ready to be used.

Players are also able to emote after a match in the MVP lobby. So if you enjoyed playing alongside your team, shoot them a cute emote and then head into queue for the next match on Wild Rift.

How to Call Lane/Position

You pick Soraka and want to play in the Dragon Lane but see someone else hovering Blitzcrank? Well then, it’s time to call your lane before the other person takes away your desired position. Where else would Soraka even go?

Winter Wonder Soraka
Soraka is an easy and fun champion to try out in Wild Rift (Image credit: Riot Games)

This is a very easy mechanism. In the lobby before the game, there is a tiny "location" symbol on the bottom left. By clicking on that, players are able to call which lanes they want to go to. It also has a chat enabled, wherein you can easily talk to other players.

Sure, calling lane won’t automatically mean the other players will listen, but at least you made your intent clear and will be able to justify why you went into a specific lane.

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