Best Mini-14 Loadout For PUBG Mobile: Complete Attachment Setup

Unlock the full potential of your Mini-14 in PUBG Mobile with our best loadout guide. Read on to find out the best attachment setup you can have for it.

Mini14 PUBG Mobile
Get the most out of the Mini-14 with the best loadout and attachment setup possible in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

The Mini-14 has been a powerful weapon since the release of PUBG Mobile because of its easy-to-control recoil, high ammo capacity, and decent fire rate. Due to this, the Mini-14 has become a popular pick for both beginners and experienced players.

Although the Mini-14 has only three slots for attachments, using the proper ones is critical to unleash the full power of this firearm.

That's why we've created this article. Our goal is to help you find the best attachments for your Mini-14 loadout while discussing the pros and cons of each extension for this weapon.

Best Mini-14 Loadout In PUBG Mobile

Best Mini 14 Loadout for PUBG Mobile
Here's the best Mini-14 Loadout. | © Tencent Games

The Mini-14 is a standout firearm and can perform exceptionally well regardless of the combat conditions. Still, most professional players choose it for mid-game long-distance combat. That's why we've tried to create a loadout that will perform well for encounters at a high distance.

Here is the best Mini-14 loadout in PUBG Mobile:

  • Muzzle: Compensator
  • Scope: 4x Scope
  • Magazine: Extended Quick Draw Magazine

The Muzzle compensator reduces the Mini-14's recoil and makes the firearm more controlled. Such a combination allows you to aim at long ranges better.

The 4x Scope is a versatile sight that can be used effectively on Assault Rifles and DMRs. It's particularly effective in late-game scenarios when the actual distances are shorter.

To enhance your loadout, consider adding the 6x Scope. Although it may require more effort to obtain, the increased 6x zoom is ideal for long-range engagements

Mini-14 Weapon Stats

PUBG Mobile Mini 14 Weapon Stats
An overview of the Mini-14's stats in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

The weapon stats for the Mini-14 DMR in PUBG Mobile are as follows:

  • Power: 46
  • Rate of Fire: 43
  • Range: 63
  • Magazine Size: 20
  • Stability: 60

Although the Mini-14 only possesses ordinary stats, it's a perfectly balanced firearm. That's why it's so popular among beginners and experienced players.

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