Best NS2000 Loadout For PUBG Mobile: Complete Attachment Setup

Struggling to find the best NS2000 loadout? In this guide, we'll go over the best attachments you can use for the NS2000 in PUBG Mobile.

Ns2000 pubg mobile
Improve the NS2000 in PUBG Mobile with the best attachments loadout. | © Tencent Games

Even though shotguns are less picky for the specific attachments, it's important to use the proper loadout while playing with shotguns, especially such a powerful one as the NS2000.

In this guide, you can find the best NS2000 loadout in PUBG Mobile. With the proper attachments, this shotgun can become a really deadly machine that will eliminate every enemy on your way.

You will find that with this setup, your performance will be significantly improved and you can expect a better KDA. But that said, here's what you will need to improve the NS2000 to the next level.

Best NS2000 Attachment Loadout In PUBG Mobile

Ns2000 loadout pubg mobile
An overview of the best NS2000 loadout in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

The NS2000, the latest addition to shotguns in PUBG Mobile, is one of the best shotguns ever released. Still, to utilize this firearm with the maximum effectiveness, it's extremely important to use the proper loadout.

Here is the best NS2000 loadout in PUBG Mobile:

  • Scope: Red Dot Sight
  • Stock: Bullet Loop

As only two attachment slots - a Scope and Stock - are available, it's pretty challenging to significantly modify the NS2000 according to your playstyle.

Still, the Red Dot Sight and Bullet Loop stock can make the weapon more versatile. They vastly increase the weapon's reload speed as well as its performance from a distance.

You will have a hard time finding a better combination than these two attachments.

NS2000 Weapon Stats

Ns2000 weapon stats
Learn about NS2000 stats in the list below. | © Tencent Games

Added in the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update, the NS2000 has some pretty interesting weapon stats. It boasts familiar numbers some of you may come to expect a shotgun to have, but it is still unique in some regards.

The weapon stats for NS2000 in PUBG Mobile are as follows:

  • Power: 98
  • Rate of Fire: 84
  • Range: 26
  • Magazine Size: 12
  • Recoil: 44
  • Reload Speed: 4 seconds

Even though the NS2000 has one of the best weapon stats among shotguns in PUBG Mobile, they work only on short ranges. For mid and long-range encounters, NS2000 has a long firing interval and high damage drop-off, which makes it

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