Is PUBG Mobile Unbanned In India?

If you are concerned about the fate of PUBG Mobile in India, check out this article. We'll explain the issue and discuss when PUBG Mobile will get unbanned.

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We may see PUBG Mobile unbanned in India soon. | © Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the most popular free-to-play battle royale titles available for the small screen. It is adored by many from around the world and has a massive player base to show for it.

Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile is currently banned in India. If you find it hard to stay on track with the latest developments on the matter, welcome to this guide.

We've tried to collect all the information known about Indian PUBG Mobile and its successor, BGMI. In addition to this, we've discussed the further fate of PUBG Mobile in India.

Why PUBG Mobile Was Banned In India?

On September 2, 2020, one of the most popular games ever, PUBG Mobile, was banned in India. The Minister of State for IT and Electronics announced that the game was banned to safeguard the interests and rights of the citizens.

As per reports, Tencent Games - the developer behind PUBG Mobile - was believed to be transferring the data of players in India to the Chinese government. That's why the Indian government launched a crackdown against PUBG Mobile and a list of other Chinese apps.

What Is BGMI?

BGM Inew
BGMI was a newly introduced version of PUBG Mobile for Indian players. | © Krafton

Ten months after PUBG Mobile was shut down, Battlegrounds Mobile India (also known as BGMI) was announced to be the successor to PUBG Mobile in India.

The game instantly became one of the most popular Indian applications and got over 130 million downloads in June 2022. BGMI was India’s most popular battle royale game and, unfortunately, due to its past, created concerns among the Indian government.

You probably know what happened next, but if you struggle to find a reason, read on. We'll explain why BMGI was banned in India.

Why Was BGMI Banned In India?

BGMI met a similar fate to PUBG Mobile. | © Krafton

As BGMI was just a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile, the Indian government was concerned about similar issues faced in the past. So, they decided to shut down BGMI, reporting that BGMI collects data that “can be misused like location, audio, and access to other critical information."

On 28 July 2022, despite the effort of Krafton and public concerns, BGMI was banned in India. However, it was relaunched under a trial version in May 2023.

Is PUBG Mobile Unbanned In India?

PUBG Mobile Unban
Will we ever see PUBG Mobile get unbanned in India? | © Tencent Games

At the time of writing, PUBG Mobile is not unbanned in India. You cannot play the game even if you use a VPN or Proxy which is a pity for millions of Indian players who lost their accounts.

Fortunately, you can still play BGMI.

When Will PUBG Mobile Get Unbanned In India?

Answering the question about the fate of PUBG Mobile in India, you must consider that the game was banned for political reasons. That makes the situation over PUBG Mobile much more complex, and its rerelease in India is much less likely.

Although we cannot predict the exact dates, we would like to say that PUBG Mobile won't return to the Indian market in the upcoming 5 years.

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