PUBG Mobile: All Maps And Game Modes

The number of maps in PUBG Mobile continues to grow. Here are all the maps and what game modes can be played on them.

PUBG Mobile all maps and game modes
PUBG Mobile has a growing selection of maps and game modes. | © Krafton

PUBG Mobile has recently celebrated its fourth birthday and in that time much about the game has changed. Sure, it is still primarily a battle royale but the map pool has expanded from just the island of Erangel to bring in the jungles of Sanhook and the snow-capped towns of Vikendi.

And while it is primarily a battle royale, there has been a glut of new game modes added with some maps unique to the modes. Some feature cut-down versions of larger BR maps, while others throw the blueprint out entirely and utilize entirely original maps for small team-based game modes.

So, if you are new to PUBG Mobile or returning after a while, this guide to all of PUBG Mobile's maps and game modes will help you get up to speed. We also have a guide to each map: its best landing spots, optimal strategies, and best weapons - all just a click away.

How Do You Download Maps On PUBG Mobile?

Before we get into detailing all the PUBG Mobile maps, it is worth mentioning that when you initially download PUBG Mobile and install it on your device it will only have Erangel and a few of the smaller maps available from the outset. The rest of the maps must be downloaded, this is to save you downloading and installing maps which could result in you incurring potentially expensive mobile data fees.

Thankfully, downloading the maps is easy and you can either download them individually or as a complete pack.

To download them individually, simply click on the selected map/game mode icon found at the bottom left of the home screen. From here, you will see ranked and unranked playlists with each map available for download. To do so, simply click on the cloud icon.

PUBG Mobile all maps how to download
You can download only the maps you want on PUBG Mobile. | © Krafton

To download them all, as well as some advanced graphic options and a few other optional bits and pieces, you can click the cloud icon seen at the top left of the home screen. From there you can download all Classic maps (975 MB), Arena maps (198 MB), and the Metro Royale: Reunion (155 MB).

PUBG Mobile - All Maps And Game Modes

There are two map types in PUBG Mobile battle royale maps and arena maps. Battle royale maps are larger and start at 2x2 km and can go as big as 8x8 km, while Arena maps are much smaller and are used for small team/solo-based game modes.

PUBG Mobile - Ranked Battle Royale Maps

There are seven battle royale maps in PUBG Mobile. Each of the following maps is available in ranked modes.

Erangel (8x8 km)

PUBG Mobile All Maps Erangel
Erangel is the first map to come to PUBG. | © Krafton

The OG map and one that many still regard as the best in the game. Set on a fictional Black Sea island with a dark past, Erangel is a rugged and largely desolate island.

Previously home to Soviet forces, the remnants which can be seen with the large military base in the south, lore states that chemical and biological tests were conducted here.

Pubg Mobile erangel
Erangel is a drab and largely lifeless place. | © Krafton

The island was eventually abandoned giving each of its locations, from the school to the nuclear power plant an eeriness that still has the potential - five years after its initial release - to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Miramar (8x8 km)

PUBG Mobile all maps and game modes
Miramar was the second map to come to PUBG Mobile. | © Krafton

Miramar took the Erangel blueprint but swapped the eastern European locale for something altogether sandier.

Miramar is not everyone's favorite map, in large part, because it is so hard to get around. The map is mountainous and sandy and you stick out like a sore thumb as you hurriedly run over yet another sand dune as you belatedly get into the safe zone. And you often don't, with suspecting enemies set up high, ready to rain down on anyone silly enough to have taken their time.

PUBG Mobile Miramar
Miramar can be an unforgiving place. | © Krafton

It isn't without its good points though, with the town of Los Leones one of the most exhilarating places to have a firefight in the entire game.

Sanhok (4x4 km)

Sanhok PUBG Mobile
Sanhok's is three islands connected by bridges and river crossings. | © Krafton

Sanhok was the game's third map and the first to change up the 8x8 km formula. Going with 4x4 km, Sanhok offers up a faster-paced match and it is undoubtedly one of the best maps in the game.

Set on an unspecified South East Asia island (or three connected by bridges actually), there is everything from holiday parks to sprawling Buddhist ruins for players to explore. There are, of course, your military bases too with one, in particular, taking players deep underground and revealing some of the secrets around the Battleground games.

All Maps Currently Available in PUBG Mobile
Sanhok's remaster took a good map and made it even better. | © Krafton

The weather system is also at its best on Sanhok. You can almost taste the humidity thanks to the dynamic weather effects that at one moment can make you feel like you are deep in the jungle, the next sun-soaked and drying out on the creaky wooden floorboards of a hut.

Vikendi (6x6 km)

all maps in PUBG mobile
Vivendi is a snow-covered island on the Adriatic sea. | © Krafton

Vivendi is the fourth map to come to PUBG and one of its most interesting. There is great diversity in its marked locations; from the Cosmodrome to the prehistoric Dinopark and aging castle. There is also plenty of heavily wooded areas, where the sound becomes crystallized and every snap of a branch or crunch of snow can signal death.

Vivendi pubg mobile
Vivendi's snow offers an opportunity to track down other players. | © Krafton

That snow also leaves behind footprints and keen-eyed hunters will be tracking these to their next kill. If you don't want to run that risk, try and remain in the towns or cities or the more temperate south of the map.

Karakin (2x2 km)

Karakin map review pubg
Karakin is an island off the coast of Africa. | © Krafton

Karakin is a very unique map, instead of 100 players jumping in, it is 64 that fall to this arid island based off the coast of Northern Africa.

PUBG's fifth playable map and the second 2x2 km one, it is also the first to implement Black Zones which forces players out of certain areas and buildings by having them randomly destroyed. There are also breachable walls and bullet penetration meaning giving you both plenty of tactical opportunities, as well as added risks.

Karakin PUBG Mobile
Karakin is hot, dry, and deadly. | © Krafton

Otherwise, it suffers from some of the issues of Miramar, where, because of the sandy backdrop, you stick out like a sore thumb. Originally, it replaced Vivendi but at the time of writing both maps are available in the game.

Livik (2x2 km)

Livik is all about fast games and effectively comes in two versions pre-Volcanic eruption and post-eruption when it becomes known as Aftermath and is playable in unrated. Livik and Aftermath are restricted to 50 player lobbies.

The map received a big update recently with a number of unique mechanics that are only available in Livik, those include Ziplines, treasure maps leading to high-tier loot, and secret locations. You can even get a game of soccer at the Soccer Field. Score a goal and find out what happens.

The map also features XT weapons, found at buy stations and in supply crates, that are more powerful than any others in the game.

The map might not be the most visually interesting (it looks like Erangel's little brother), but it is one of the most fun to play.

PUBG Mobile - Unranked Classic/Arena Maps

The other maps available in PUBG Mobile fall into unranked and Arena maps. Unranked maps are battle royale maps but don't go towards ranking up. The choice here is Erangel, Livik, or Aftermath.

In Arena, there are a number of smaller maps designed for deathmatch and small team-based modes, they are:

  • Santorini (Team Deathmatch, Arena Training)
  • Warehouse (Team Deathmatch, Arena Training)
  • Hangar (Gun Game, Team Deathmatch, Arena Training)
  • Library (Gun Game)
  • Town (Domination)
  • Ruins (Assault)
  • Erangel, Livik, Sanhok (Royale Arena: Assault)

There are also limited-time events and spin-off games, such as Metro Royale Reunion which has its own map.

Is there Any PUBG maps not in the mobile game?

Yes! Usually, maps come out for the PC and console version before making it to the PUBG Mobile. Currently, there are three maps found in the mainline game that aren't in PUBG Mobile, they are:

  • Haven
  • Paramo
  • Taego
  • Deston

There is no word yet on when these maps will be coming to the game, though we will keep you updated as and when we know.

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