PUBG Mobile Player Count (September 2023)

Have you ever heard rumors that PUBG Mobile is dying? Well, the statistics say otherwise. In this guide, you'll discover PUBG Mobile's current player count.

PUBG Mobile Player Count
Here is a look at the current PUBG Mobile player count. | © Tencent Games

If you are an active PUBG Mobile player worried about the current player count, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we'll share the current monthly player count for PUBG Mobile while talking about whether there's a chance of the game being shut down.

PUBG Mobile Player Count (September 2023)

PUBG Mobile is an incredibly popular mobile title played by many from around the world. That said, that game's community is large.

The PUBG Mobile player count averages around 120,000 players a day.

PUBG Mobile Player Count Sep2023
An overview of the current PUBG Mobile player count for September 2023. | © PlayerAuctions

This data comes courtesy of a third-party website, PlayerAuctions. These numbers may not be entirely accurate, but offer an insight into how large PUBG Mobile is.

This number is also known to fluctuate with each day. However, you can expect a larger player account whenever a new update is released as many PUBG Mobile players would want to try out the new content and modes.

Will PUBG Mobile Shut Down?

Will PUBG Mobile Shut Down
No, PUBG Mobile won't shut down soon. | © Tencent Games

No, despite the rumors and issues with development, it's doubtful that PUBG: Mobile will shut down anytime soon.

The game has generated over $9 billion and has a large active player base. The game has likely generated more revenue than its console and PC counterparts for the past few years.

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