Nilah Will Be Coming To Wild Rift As New Champion In Patch 4.3

Riot has revealed that Nilah will be joining Wild Rift as the latest champion in the next major game update.

Nilah Wild Rift
Nilah will be joining Wild Rift in patch 4.3 as the game's newest champion. | © Riot Games

Wild Rift recently welcomed two new champions to the game, Ornn and Volibear, and they've already switched up the meta drastically. But, it seems that Riot is keen on releasing more information about the next faces that are slated to come to the game.

In a surprise announcement, they have revealed that Nilah, the infamous self-disciplined warrior fighter from a distant land, will be making their way to Wild Rift on July 20th PST.

No additional information was revealed about Nilah. However, we can expect her to possess similar abilities and ultimate as she does in League of Legends. This would make her a great ADC pick who's uniquely suited for the bottom lane.

For those unfamiliar with the Wild Rift update schedule, July 20 is the date when patch 4.3 will be released to the game.

Nilah has been long-teased to be joining the game's champion roster. It was first hinted at during a champion roadmap which was released last year. Other champions mentioned that have yet to be released is Fiddlesticks. We could potentially see this ageless horror stalk the playing grounds alongside Nilah in Wild Rift soon.


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