Wild Rift Best Champions (Patch 3.2b): Mid, Support, ADC, Jungle, And Baron

Wild Rift has over 80 champions to choose from but which is the best?

Wild Rift Champions 1
Which Wild Rift champions are the best right now? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends: Wild Rift has been out for over two years now and while the game started with "only" 40 champions that number has now ballooned to 84 with more being added regularly.

With many different roles, team compositions, and builds to consider, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the countless options you have at the outset of the game.

That's why we have decided to put together a list of the best champions - broken down by roles - so that you know who is the most powerful in their chosen position.

Best Champions In Wild Rift Patch 3.2

Wild Rift, like League of Legends, has five positions/roles, they are: Baron, Mid, ADC, Support, and Jungle. We offer up what we consider the best champion is for each role along with some honorable mentions.

This guide is accurate up to Wild Rift Patch 3.2.

Baron - Camille

Camille dominates the top line. | © Riot Games

Camille may start slow but she slowly becomes one of the most powerful champions in the game. Much of that has to do with her Hextech Ultimatum which she unlocks at level 5. This ability allows her to lock down an opposing player for a solo or team kill. Her Hookshot also allows her to slip out of battle just as quickly as she slides in.

Honorable mentions: Darius, Sett, Renekton

Mid - Diana

Diana 0
The Scorn of the Moon embodies all that is required for a great mid-lane champion. | © Riot Games

Another slow burner is Diana. The Scorn of the Moon struggles in the early game due to being a melee mid-laner but start stacking her Rod of Ages ability, which gives you more health, mana, and ability power every 30 seconds up to 10 times, and she quickly becomes an absolute beast.

Her Moonfall ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. Summoning the moon will slow enemies caught in its area effect and once let go, will see the moon come slamming down on any trapped opponents. The longer you hold down the button the large the damage done and time it right you can take down an entire team.

Honorable mentions: Karma, Ahri

ADC - Xayah

Xayah Splash
The Rebel is difficult to master but few are as powerful in the dragon lane. | © Riot Games

Xayah aka The Rebel is not the easiest champion to get your head around. You will need to box smart in the early game and, while she gets some bonuses when paired with Rakan, it's not necessary.

Xayah's auto-attacks are some of the most powerful in the game, dealing huge amounts of critical damage at higher levels. Keep opponents at range, and continue to upgrade her abilities.

In the late game, her Bladecaller becomes OP - just remember to stack the feathers and don't use it too soon.

Honorable mentions: Kai'Sa, Caitlyn

Jungle - Lee Sin

Lee Sin
Lee Sin brings a combination of power and speed in the Jungle. | © Riot Games

No other jungler has more impact in the early game than the blind monk that goes by the name Lee Sin. He is able to clear camps quickly and assist on any ganks.

There is perhaps no champion more capable of chaining together kills with his combination of movement and damage dealing abilities. Use his speed to gain an advantage in the early game and hammer home that advantage with quick kills.

Honorable mentions: Kha'Zix, Olaf

Support - Karma

The Enlightened One is an enchanter who helps keep her team in the fight. | © Riot Games

Karma excels at shielding and healing of her teammates. Work around your team and be their saviour. Just be careful as Karma can be susceptible to ambushes, especially in the early game, so consider each and every fight you take in these opening stages.

As the game goes on, Karma's healing abilities only increase and she takes on a critical role. Equip her with support items, like Staff of Flowing Water, that give her shields more power and Ardent Censer not only do you get health and ability power, but the passive also gives your teammates bonus attack speed and higher damage when you heal or shield an ally.

Honorable mentions: Diana

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