Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat Battle Pass: Start/End Date, Cost, Rewards, More

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5 includes a brand new battle pass to grind. Here's what you can expect from Hyperbeat.

Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat battle pass
Hyperbeat is Apex Legends Mobile's latest season. | © Activision Blizzard

Apex Legends Mobile is gearing up for the release of what many are calling Season 2.5 but what has come to be officially known as "Hyperbeat".

Alongside the introduction of drone-wielding hacker Crypto and two new game modes, there is also a brand new battle pass for players to grind, offering up a tonne of weapon and legend skins with Lifeline, Mirage, and Pathfinder all getting new looks.

It's another season of pumping tunes and outlandish cosmetics, and if you want to learn more, this explainer reveals all.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat - Start And End Date

The Hyperbeat battle pass will become available with the launch of the new season, which is expected to kick off at 5 pm PDT on Tuesday, August 23.

An end date has not yet been revealed, though historically, seasons have lasted six weeks, so Hyperbeat will likely end at midnight on Tuesday, October 4.

There will be both a free and paid track of rewards for players to unlock, so whether you are willing to stump up the cash or not, there is plenty on offer.

How Much Does The Hyperbeat Battle Pass Cost?

As mentioned before, there is both a free and premium track available as part of the Hyperbeat battle pass with 50 tiers of rewards in both to unlock.

Hyperbeat battle pass cost
The Hyperbeat battle pass will have 50 tiers of free and premium rewards. | © Respawn Entertainment

The Premium Battle Pass costs 799 Syndicate Gold (approx. $7 USD), while there is also the option of purchasing the Premium Battle Pass Plus, which costs 1599 Syndicate Gold ($15 USD) and will give you a Season-exclusive Avatar Frame and will instantly unlock the first ten tiers of the rewards. Those that purchase the Premium Battle Pass Plus will also gain 80% more battle pass XP.

Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat - Rewards

Thanks to the release of the Hyperbeat trailer today, we've been offered a good look at what will become the battle pass's most sought-after rewards.

Legend skins

  • Mirage - Shock Jock
  • Pathfinder - Hype Machine
  • Lifeline - Emergency Emcee
Apex legends mobile hyperbeat
Pathfinder brings the hype to the latest season. | © Respawn Entertainment

Weapon skins

  • Mastiff - Violet Meter
  • L-Star EMG - Polished Pulse
  • Flatline - Paint Blaster
Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat weapon skins
The Mastiff gets a colorful new look in Hyperbeat. | © Respawn Entertainment

Of course, there will also be other rewards, including banner frames, trackers, and emotes.

Those who purchase the premium battle pass will also be able to earn back the Syndicate Gold spent to buy it in the first place, though you will effectively have to complete the pass in the six weeks given.

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