Next Legends Will Be Ash And Revenant In Apex Mobile, Leaks Reveal

Ash is expected to be released with Season 3 of Apex Legends Mobile, with Revenant expected to follow.

Ash Apex Legends Mobile
Offensive legend Ash is expected to be released with Apex Legends Mobile Season 3. | © Leakers On Duty / RITZKING

The next legends coming to Apex Legends Mobile have been revealed, and neither of them are mobile exclusives.

Not yet confirmed, but part of a large swath of content that has been leaked in the past few days suggests that Ash will be the Season 3 legend, followed by Revenant, who will be released in what has come to be known as Season 3.5.

This leak comes from a recent test build of the game, a test build that also revealed that the Olympus battle royale map is currently playable in the mobile version of the game and would likely be released with Season 3.

Apex Mobile's Next Legends Will Be Ash And Then Revenant

If it turns out that Ash and Revenant are the next legends in the game, that would mean the game would be getting three existing legends in a row and thus not following the "one mobile-exclusive legend, one existing legend," a release schedule that fans of the game assumed the developers were following.

Ash is an offensive legend and in the mainline game is considered to be a versatile legend with powerful abilities; able to provide intel to her team, lock down opponents, and whisk her team away from unpleasant situations using her portals.

Another offensive legend, Revenant, isn't seen as quite as strong as Ash, but in the right hands can still make an impact on the Apex Games. His easy-to-use passive, Stalker, which increases the speed that Revenant moves with crouching or climbing, is particularly handy, making rotations, ambushes, and retreats easier.

Apex Legends Mobile season 3.5
Leaks suggest Revenant will be coming to Apex Mobile in Season 3.5 | © Respawn Entertainment

The leak comes courtesy of Leakers On Duty and Indian YouTuber RITZKING, who have proved reliable in the past, proved correct when claiming that Crypto would be the legend released with Season 2.5: Hyperbeat.

Season 3 is still a while away, with Season 2.5 only released last week and expected to run until early November. If the leaks are true, Ash would be released then, with Revenant and Season 3.5 not likely to be released until early next year.

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