All Game Modes In Brawl Stars

There are a variety of different game modes in Brawl Stars. Here's a guide on all of them.

Brawl Stars Game Modes
Here's a complete guide on all the game modes in Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

One of the reasons why Brawl Stars is so exciting is its ever-changing rotation of game modes. There are various game modes with different rules, playstyles, and point systems.

Unfortunately, that means that it can be challenging to keep up with them - especially if you're a new Brawl Stars player who also might be finding it difficult to even keep up with the tens upon tens of brawlers too.

So, to help you navigate Brawl Stars and its different game modes, we put together a guide explaining all of them and how they are played.

All Brawl Stars Game Modes

There are eight main game modes in Brawl Stars: Bounty, Brawl Ball, Gem Grab, Heist, Hot Zone, Knockout, Solo Showdown, and Duo Showdown.

Let's dive into them.


Bounty Game Mode
Collect stars in the Bounty game mode. | © Supercell

In Bounty, you are split into two teams of three brawlers. The objective is to collect as many stars as possible. The team with the most stars by the end of the timer will win the match.

At the beginning of each match, all brawlers start with a two-star bounty to their name. For each elimination you get, a new star is added to your bounty. The max bounty a single brawler can have is seven stars. If you are killed, you will automatically respawn with a two-star bounty.

Keep in mind that there is also a blue star in Bounty which spawns at the center of the map. It is collectible and will drop upon death. In the case that both teams have the same amount of stars at the end of the game, the team with the blue star will be awarded the win.

Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball Game Mode
Score goals in Brawl Ball. | © Supercell

In Brawl Ball, you are split into two teams of three brawlers each. Your objective is to score goals by shooting the ball into your opposing team's net. The first to score two goals wins the match.

The ball will spawn at the center of the map. Once you pick up the ball (by walking over it), you will not be able to use your regular attacks, Super, or Gadgets. Your shoot button will instead shoot the ball in your preferred direction and using your Super will deliver a more powerful shot of the ball.

You can stop a moving ball by simply standing in its path. A key thing to note is that if the ball carrier is knocked back, defeated, or stunned, they will drop the ball on the spot.

If the timer ends and both teams are still tied on the same score, the game will enter a sudden death mode where all obstacles and decor are removed from the map. The first team to score wins the match.


Duels Brawl Stars Banner
Battle it out in a best-of-three match with another opponent in Duels. | © Supercell

Duels is a game mode where two players battle it out in a best-of-three match. Each player assembles a team of three brawlers which they want to use match roster. The first person to win two rounds will ultimately win the match.

Gem Grab

Gem Grab Game Mode
Collect Gems to win in this game mode. | © Supercell

In Gem Grab, you are split into two teams of three brawlers each. Your objective is to collect as many Gems as possible.

As soon as your team collectively has over ten Gems, a 15-second countdown will begin. If your team holds onto that above ten gem tally, you will win the game. But if you don't, the timer will go away. If both teams have over ten gems at a single time, the countdown timer will begin for the team with the most overall gems.

A Gem spawns at the center of the map every seven seconds. You can hold an unlimited amount of Gems. However, if you are eliminated, you will drop all your Gems. It should be mentioned that Gems cannot be destroyed or despawned.


Heist Game Mode
Destroy your enemy's safe to win Heist. | © Supercell

In Heist, you are split into two teams of three brawlers each. Your objective is to destroy your opponent's high-HP safe located near their spawn camp. The first team to do so wins the match.

Hot Zone

Hot Zone Game Mode
Secure the Hot Zones in the game mode to win the match. | © Supercell

In Hot Zone, you are split into two teams of three brawlers each. Your objective is to capture all of the Hot Zones. The number may vary but are usually between one and three.

You can capture Hot Zones by standing within the Zones' radius. A capture percentage bar will be shown above in the corner of the screen to show your team's overall progress in capturing the Zones. Note that brawlers can only capture zones, so no pets, turrets, or any non-brawler item will be able to capture the zone for you.

If no team fully captures all the Hot Zones by the end of the match timer, the team with the highest capture percentage wins the game.


Knockout Game Mode
Eliminate your opponents in the Knockout game mode. | © Supercell

In Knockout, you are split into two teams of three brawlers each. Each match has three rounds. Your objective in each round is to eliminate the enemy team. The first team to win two rounds win the match.

There is no respawning in Knockout. Once you are eliminated, you cannot participate in the round any further until the next one begins.

Solo Showdown

Solo Showdown Game Mode
Be the last man standing in Solo Showdown to win the match. | © Supercell

In Solo Showdown, ten players will go face-to-face against one another in a battle-royale-style match. The last brawler standing wins the match. There is only a single round and there is no respawning so once you are eliminated, the match is over for you.

There are Power Cube boxes scattered across the map. Destroy them and they will drop Power Cubes. If you collect them, you will gain a health, damage, and heal bonus for the rest of the match.

Duo Showdown

Duo Showdown Game Mode
Battle it to the end with your teammate in Duo Showdown. | © Supercell

The rules of Duo Showdown are similar to Solo Showdown. Only here, the ten brawlers will be split into five teams of two. The last team standing wins the match.

If a team member is eliminated, they can respawn (with zero Power Cubes to their name) after twenty seconds only if their other teammate stays alive. If the remaining teammate is eliminated, then the team loses the match.

Picking up a Power Cube will contribute to both teammates' overall Power Cube count.

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