Week 3 Snapdragon Mobile Challenge Brawl Stars Season 1 North America: Results, Standings, Highlights

We're going to be taking a look at all the match results and highlights from week three of the Snapdragon Mobile Challenge Brawl Stars Season 1 North America!

Week3 NA Brawl Stars
What happened in Week 3 of the Snapdragon Mobile Challenge Brawl Stars Season 1 NA? | © Riot Games

Week three of the Snapdragon Mobile Challenge Brawl Stars Season 1 North America had some amazing games! We saw some big upsets, deserved victories, and insane moments that all took place on August 3.

Anyway, here are the match results, highlights, and current standings after week three!

Week Three Matches And Results

Seven matches were played during week three. These were the results:

Vatra Gaming vs. STMN esports3-2
Chasmac Gaming vs. The Real Ones3-2
Reconic Esports NA vs. Vatra Gaming0-3
Tribe Gaming NA vs. STMN esports3-1
Vangaurd Gaming vs. West Coast3-2
Reconic Esports NA vs. Chasmac Gaming1-3
Tribe Gaming NA vs. Vanguard Gaming1-3

Week Three Highlights

There were two plays in week three's matches that we have to highlight and Reconic Esprots' Alyany was at the center of it all. One for a good play and the other for, well, a play that wasn't as great.

In Knockout mode, Alyany delivered an insane Rico double kill to eliminate Chasmac Gaming's minwooong and toast.

Alyany's skills couldn't save him as he was humbled in Gem Grab. He had nine Gems and Reconic was on the verge of securing another to level Chasmac Gaming's tally of ten. Unfortunately, Chasmac's Fade has other plans and unleashed Colette's Super to completely annihilate Reconic and steal their Gems.

Reconic Esports NA went on to lose the match 1-3 against Chamac Gaming. But for the record, those plays were amazing!

Current Standings

These are the current rankings after week three's matches:

Team NameMatches PlayedPointsWins/LossesScore Difference
Tribe Gaming NA5124/113:7
Vanguard Gaming 5124/114:9
Chasmac Gaming6123/315:16
STMN esports593/212:8
West Coast593/212:9
Vatra Gaming593/210:10
Reconic Esports NA661/58:15
The Real ones500/67:18

We'll be heading into the final round of matches in week four which will be held on August 10, 2022. Here are the seven matches we can expect:

  • Tribe Gaming NA vs. The Real Ones
  • Vatra Gaming vs. Wesst Coast
  • STMN esports vs. Vanguard Gaming
  • Tribe Gaming NA vs. Chasmac Gaming
  • West Coast vs. STMN esports
  • Vanguard Gaming vs. Reconic Esports NA
  • The Real Ones vs. Vatra Gaming

You can watch the live stream of these matches on the ESL Mobile Twitch channel or on the Snapdragon Pro Series YouTube channel.

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