Clash Of Clans: Guide To Raid Weekends

Get to grips with how Raid Weekends work in Clash of Clans.

Raid Weekend Guide
Here's a complete guide to Raid Weekends in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

Raid Weekends are a weekly event where Clans are allowed to attack enemy Clan Capitals. They begin every Friday and end on the following Monday. Conquer as many Districts and Clan Capitals as possible to earn Capital Gold and Raid Medals.

The Clan Leader and Co-Leaders must first opt your Clan in to participate in Raid Weekends. From there, all Clan members will be able to attack once your Clan matches with an enemy Clan Capital. Unlike regular Clan Wars, Clans don't go head-to-head against each other in Raid Weekends. Instead, Clans attack a different Clan each time.

With that primer out of the way, here's a complete guide on Raid Weekends as well as how you can attack and defend in them.

Clash Of Clans - How To Attack In Raid Weekends

Attacking Raid Weekend Banner
Here's how you can attack during Raid Weekends. | © Supercell

You can attack five times throughout an entire Raid Weekend. You will gain a one-time additional attack if you three-star a District. All players will be able to use the Troops and Spells that the Clan has unlocked in the Clan Capital. Your level will not affect the level of the Troops or Spells in Capital Raids.

The damage you deal in a District is persistent. This means that damage from your attack will remain for the next allied attacks. This allows your fellow Clan members to finish destroying a District if you weren't able to. Enemy traps will not re-arm between attacks. Besides this, Spells you cast will remain in the District you attacked until the next attack. There are no Spell or Troop brewing/training times and costs during Raid Weekends.

When you begin a raid on an enemy Clan Capital, you will need to work your way up through all of the other Districts and fully destroy them before you are able to attack the Capital Peak.

Clan Capital Peak
Make your way to the Capital Peak during Raid Weekends. | © Supercell

Destroying Buildings will reward you with Capital Gold. If you have any remaining Troops after fully destroying a District, you will earn additional Capital Gold that will be calculated on the total Housing Space of the leftover Troops.

When your Clan completely destroys all the Districts and the Capital Peak, your Clan will be matched with another Clan Capital. Matchmaking is based on the levels of the buildings in the Capital. At the end of the Raid Weekend, all players who participated in it will earn Raid Medals based on the number of destroyed Districts and how well their Districts managed to defend against enemy attacks.

As a side note, if you attack in a Clan's Raid Weekend and leave that Clan to join another, you will not be able to attack until the next Raid Weekend.

Clash Of Clans - How To Defend In Raid Weekends

Defending Raid Weekend Banner
Set up the best defensive layout for your Districts. | © Supercell

Defending your Districts during Raid Weekends is a simple task. Your Clan Leader and Co-Leaders can modify the placement of the buildings and defenses in your Clan's Districts to more defensive layouts in the 'Layout Editor.'

Keep in mind that if you change your District's layout during a Raid Weekend, the changes will not be implemented until your Clan is matched up with another Clan. If you want to test how strong your District layout is, you can set up 'Friendly Challenges' and have Clan members attack it.

There are various Clan Capital Defenses that you can pad your Districts with. Here's a full list of them:

  • Air Bombs
  • Air Defense
  • Blast Bow
  • Bomb Tower
  • Cannon
  • Crusher
  • Inferno Tower
  • Log Trap
  • Mega Mine
  • Mega Tesla
  • Mines
  • Mini-Minion Hive
  • Multi Cannon
  • Multi Mortar
  • Rapid Rockets
  • Reflector
  • Rocket Artillery
  • Siege Cart Post
  • Spear Thrower
  • Super Dragon post
  • Super Giant Post
  • Super Wizard Tower
  • Walls
  • Zap Trap

Remember to create the best defensive layout for your Districts as you will be rewarded Raid Medals based on how well your Districts performed in Raid Weekends.

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