Clash Of Clans: Guide To Clan Capital Leagues

Here's a complete overview of the Clan Capital ranking system: Clan Capital Leagues.

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Get the ropes of the Clan Capital Leagues in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

Clan Capital Leagues is a League ranking system determined by how well your Clan performs in Weekend Raids. Clans will be able to earn Capital Trophies from Raids, with Trophy counts and League standings being updated after the Raid event ends.

There are several Leagues your Clan can climb to. Your Clan's League won't affect the rewards you get from Raids, but you will be able to earn more Clan XP by staying in the higher Leagues. It's essentially a casual but also competitive aspect in the Clan Capital game mode.

Let's dive a little deeper into the respective Leagues and how the system works.

Clash Of Clans - Clan Capital Leagues And Rewards

Clan Capital League League Table
Here's a look at all the Leagues in the Clan Capital League. | © Supercell

In Clan Capital Leagues, Clans will be assigned to a League based on their total Capital Trophies. Your Clan will earn Clan XP each week based on its current League level. A Clan's Trophy count is determined by 80% of their previous Trophy count plus 20% of new Trophies won. New Trophies are calculated based on the Clan's total loot, average loot per attack, and average loot per defense.

After a Raid event ends, your Clan will receive a Raid summary that will display any Trophy and Clan Capital League changes. This summary will also be displayed in the Raid overview screen and your Clan’s chat.

There are a total of 23 different Leagues in Clan Capital Leagues. Here's a look at the Leagues, the required Trophies to reach them, and the Clan XP you can get:

LeagueRequired TrophiesClan XP
Bronze III2005
Bronze II40010
Bronze I60015
Silver III80020
Silver II1,00025
Silver I1,200


Gold III

Gold II1,60040
Gold I1,80045
Crystal III2,00050
Crystal II2,20060
Crystal I2,40070
Master III2,60080
Master II2,80090
Master I3,000100
Champion III3,200110
Champion II3,500120
Champion I3,800130
Titan III4,100140
Titan II4,400160
Titan I4,700180

Capital Leaderboards will be accessible from the Capital map or when visiting a Clan Capital. You'll also be able to see the Top 200 global Leaderboard and Top 200 local Leaderboard based on your Clan's location.

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