Clash of Clans: Hero Guide To Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is arguably the most powerful ranged Hero in Clash of Clans. So let's take a look at how to unlock her, updgrade costs and offensive and defensive strategies!

Queen Archer
Queen Archer model in Clash of Clans | © Supercell

In our series of Hero breakdowns, we're taking a look at the infamous Archer Queen in Supercell's Clash of Clans! She's one lean, mean, fighting machine who does massive damage at long ranges with her modified X-bow.

As she's ranged, she's rather weak in terms of HP. That being said, there is a lot to unpack here with the kind of ruthless offensive and defensive strategies available for play in the game. So, let's take a look!

How To Unlock The Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is the second Hero you unlock in Clash of Clans after upgrading your Town Hall to Level 9. Similar to the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen is basically a stronger, more powerful and bigger Archer. Her in-game description is:

This graceful huntress is a master of destructive force, though modest in health. She snipes targets in her territory when defending, and can summon stealth and terrifying damage when attacking once her Royal Cloak ability is unlocked!

Constructing the Archer Queen altar will set you back 10,000 Dark Elixir. This is nothing since what you get in return is an immortal Hero that can volleys out significant damage from 5 tiles (better than the 3.5 tile distance of a regular archer). With her ultimate - the Royal Clock ability - she is definitely someone to be reckoned with.

The maximum level possible to upgrade the Archer Queen is Level 80. Find the full details of the scaling of her stats in this table here.

What Is Royal Cloak?

Archer Queen Banner
Get to grips with the Archer Queen in Clash of Clans! | © Supercell

Royal Cloak is the Archer Queen's ultimate ability that's unlocked once she reaches Level 5 (and is upgradable after 5 levels) and it can only be used once in every battle. Once activated, she is partially healed and summons Archers by her side to join to attack.

Additionally, the Archer Queen's attack damage is increased and she turns invisible (but will still take damage from splash damage!) for a small period of time. Check out the full stats for each level of the Royal Cloak ability below:

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHealth RecoveredArchers Summoned

Ability Time



53.6 seconds
235517563.8 seconds
341620074.0 seconds
448322584.2 seconds
555725094.4 seconds
6638275104.6 seconds


114.8 seconds
8819325125.0 seconds
9920350135.2 seconds
101020375145.4 seconds
111120400155.6 seconds
121220425165.8 seconds


176.0 seconds
141370475186.2 seconds
151430500196.4 seconds
161480525206.6 seconds


6.8 seconds

How To Use The Archer Queen Offensively

The Queen Walk is one of the most popular tactics with the Archer Queen - especially with lower Town Hall levels. This would require deploying ONLY the Archer Queen and 3-4 Healer units to support her while she clears buildings and defenses for other troops. However, it's only truly viable as a strategy from Level 10 Archer Queen upwards as her health in lower levels are too weak to soak up damage (and Healers only do 55% heal to Heroes).

On top of that, look out for Air defenses and surprise Air Mines that can take out healers at long range.

Another tactic to consider is deploying the Archer Queen behind tankier ground troops like the Barbarian King or PEKKAs. If you have the Grand Warden and Royal Champion, you can deploy all four heroes together to deliver a truly striking blow to the enemy base that will surely see you win.

Regardless of which of the two tactics you choose from, you can supplement your attacks with Rage and Freeze spells so that you buy your Archer Queen some time to destroy powerful base defenses

How To Use The Archer Queen Defensively

It's best to place the Archer Queen's Altar at least three to four spaces from the nearest wall. As her attack range is 5 tiles, this placement would prevent her from jumping out of the walls and getting targeted by melee troops when defending against invaders.

Be careful in placing the Archer Queen Alter too. As she is most likely to be prioritized by invaders, placing the Queen too close to important base defenses like the Eagle Artillery or Inferno Towers could mean an easy snipe from just a couple of Electro Dragons.

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