Clash of Clans Spring 2022 Update: Clan Capital Guide

Supercell introduced a game changer to Clash of Clans with the Spring 2022 Update: The Clan Capital! Here’s all the details about this new game mode!

Build Together Clash
Clan Capital is finally here in Clash of Clans! | © Supercell

In the latest Spring update, we will get the Clan Capital! Layered like a mountain with the Capital Peak at the top and below it, Districts. A Clan Capital will have a Capital Hall, and upgrading it will unlock new Districts and building levels. So, what's the deal behind all this?

What Are Districts?

Each District has a District Hall, which works like a Town Hall. The level of your District Hall sets the maximum upgradeable level of all buildings, defenses, and troops in the District.

District Layers Clash
District layers will be laid out on top of each other like this | © Supercell

Interestingly, each district has its own set of unique buildings and aesthetics. But they can be personalized with different terrains and layouts. Leaders and co-leaders can move the buildings and design their districts however they like.

Upgrading With Capital Gold

Capital Gold is a new currency being brought to Clash of Clans. You can repair Ruins with them to unlock buildings, traps, defenses, and walls! Upgrading buildings also require Capital Gold, but they can be expensive. Lucky for you, ALL Clan members can contribute to the upgrade.

Ruins Clash
Clan members can now build together! | © Supercell

One thing to note is that there are no laboratories in Clan Districts. Instead, troops and spells are unlocked by repairing certain ruins and leveling up relevant buildings!

How Do Weekend Raids Work?

Clan Capitals can battle each other in Weekend Raids. In Raids, Clans attack with a Capital Army. Every clan member has access to the same troops and spells based on their Clan Capital buildings and District levels. So, you’ll still pack a punch regardless of your level.

What’s more, is that players can train their Capital Army without any training time or cost! Darian Vorlick, Clash of Clans Community Manager, had to say this about it:

Matchmaking Raids are based on Clan Capital progress. Unlike Clan Wars, you will not be matched directly with the Capital […] Think of it like multiplayer attacks. But in raids, Clans work together to destroy each district in the enemy Capital

A major plus to raids is that damage dealt is saved between each attack. Meaning that clan mates will start where you finished your attack! So, if you finish at 50% damage dealt, your clan mate will continue from that. And better yet, triggered traps will not be rearmed!

Additionally, Spells last longer and will remain on the battlefield even after you finished your attack. So, you can set up your own clan mates’ attack. And as more buildings are destroyed in the District, the troop deployment area expands.

Clan Battle
Strategize with your Clan to defeat Districts! | © Supercell

Districts are grouped in layers, and all districts in a layer must be destroyed before the next one can be attacked. Each player can only attack five times. But, an additional attack can be gained if you 3-star a district on your first try.

Ladder Clan Capital
Make your way to the top in Raids! | © Supercell

The Capital Peak is the final boss at the top. To win the Raid, you need to 3-star it as a team. When a Clan completes a Raid, they are automatically queued for the next one. Raids ONLY stop when the weekend ends.

What Rewards Do You Get From Raids?

Capital Gold can be looted from buildings during Raids. Also, at the end of each Raid Weekend, clashers can earn Raid Medals! They will be rewarded for each successful raid and how well a Capital is defended against enemy attacks. Raid Medals can be used at the Clan Castle or at the Trader.