Second Buildable Area Will Be Added To Builder Base In Clash Of Clans

The second buildable area at the Builder Base will create new base-building tactics and attack strategies in Clash of Clans.

Builder Base Base Building Attacking
The Builder Base rework will add another area for you to build at in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

The Clash of Clans devs have revealed yet another preview of the upcoming Builder Base rework. In recent months, we've steadily been teased about improvements Supercell is planning on adding to this often-neglected game mode.

Previously, we were treated to details of the rework that the devs describe as bringing the "focused, tactical fun feeling" back to Builder Base. It includes removing Versus Battles, adding a new Builder, and introducing active abilities to troops.

Now, the devs have revealed that they are overhauling base building and how you attack at the Builder Base by adding a second buildable area.

Builder Base Will Have A New Buildable Area

From Builder Hall 6 onwards, you will have a second buildable area. It will have its own key building (similar to the Builder Hall) known as "O.T.T.O's Outpost." You can divide your Builder Base buildings across these two areas, otherwise known as 'stages'.

Despite having two stages, the Builder Base will still be one connected space that you can swipe back and forth between. The Master Builder and O.T.T.O. can work on upgrades at any stage.

Builder Base Stage
The Builder Base will be split into two stages. | © Supercell

Non-defense buildings like the Clocktower and Gem Mine can only be placed at a certain stage. For buildings like Gold Storages with multiple versions, you will only be able to place a certain number of them in the first stage and the rest in the second. Defense buildings can be placed at any stage.

Builder Halls 1 to 5 will remain as they have been all this while. No changes will be made to them.

Changes Will Be Made To How You Attack In The Builder Base

As a result of this new area, major changes will be made to how you attack and defend during Builder Base battles. Only one thing will remain the same and that is your ability to choose your army composition.

When a battle begins, you will attack your opponent's first stage to earn a total of three stars. The troops who survive attacking the first stage will be moved back to your deployment bar and receive some healing at the end of the battle.

Attacking Defending Builder Base2 0
You will need to attack both of your opponent's stages during battle. | © Supercell

From there, an attack in the second stage with the troops that survived the first attack will commence. You will receive one or two extra camps of troops as reinforcements depending on your Builder Hall level. Reinforcements or any unused camp of troops from the army you used in the first stage attack can be swapped with different troops.

You can earn an additional three stars when you attack the second stage. One will be rewarded for destroying O.T.T.O's Outpost, another for crossing 150% overall destruction, and the final one for reaching 200% overall destruction.

It's still unclear when the Builder Base rework will be released in Clash of Clans. Judging by the recent previews, we can expect it to be launched in 2023.

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