Will Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile Have Controller Support?

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is one of the most highly anticipated mobile games of 2023, but will players be able to use a controller when playing?

Call of duty warzone mobile controller support
Will Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile support playing with a controller? | © Activision Blizzard

The mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone is currently in alpha testing, with a select few mobile gamers getting to test what is one of the most highly anticipated mobile games of 2023.

Those lucky few have been kind to us, though, sharing the game's early system requirements and giving us a look at the game's current feature set, and also confirming the return of the much-loved Verdansk.

But for all the things we do know, there is plenty we do not, with plenty of questions about how the game will co-exist with the already established Call of Duty: Mobile.

But what about controller support? Well, thanks to a recent leak, it looks like there is good news on that front.

Does Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile Have Controller Support?

It certainly looks like it!

In a recent video by Destro32, a YouTuber with a focus on mobile gaming, the content creator can be seen playing the most recent test build of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile with, what appears to be, an Xbox controller.

And in what will be music to the ears of many mobile gamers, it appears that it works perfectly with Destro32, ducking, diving, and nailing his shots with not a hint that the controller support is anything other than native.

With this being only an alpha build, it looks like COD: Warzone Mobile players will be able to take to jump into Verdansk with a controller in hand.

What Have The Developers Said?

Very little (nothing) when it comes to controller support, but outside of announcing the game and a public call for mobile developers to join the team, they have been quiet about what mobile gamers can expect from COD: Warzone Mobile.

Thankfully, when it comes to controller support, it looks like the work is already done, which isn't exactly a surprise considering the franchise's long history on consoles and the flawless controller support seen in COD: Mobile.

COD: Warzone mobile - Supported Controllers

The developers have yet to provide a list of supported controllers, though it is likely that both PlayStation and Xbox controllers, two of the most popular for mobile gaming, will be supported via Bluetooth.

COD Warzone Mobile controller support
It looks like Xbox controllers will be supported in COD: Warzone Mobile. | © Microsoft

Once we know more, we will continue to update this page with more information, including the best controller settings when playing this eagerly anticipated mobile title.

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