COD Mobile Fun In The Stun Event: Start/End Date, Unlock Stun Gun Underbarrel, Other Rewards

The first seasonal challenge is live in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9: Zombies Are Back. Here are the challenges and rewards.

Players can pick up the QQ9 - Anime Kitty weapon blueprint in the Stun in the Fun event. | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 9: Zombies Are Back is now out, with the first seasonal challenge, Fun in the Stun, going live.

The challenges here aren't all that difficult to complete, but there is one reward on offer here that will mean you will want to make sure you do so.

That reward is the Stun Gun underbarrel, an attachment for the Pharo that, you guessed it, adds a Stun Gun to the already impressive sub-machine gun.

Once this event ends, it's not clear how else you will be able to unlock this Pharo attachment, and with a weapon blueprint and a barrel load of battle pass XP also up for grabs, you won't want to miss out on this one.

Below, you can learn the start and end times of Fun in the Stun and take a look at all the challenges and rewards.

COD Mobile Fun In The Stun Event - Start And End Date

The Fun in the Stun event is live as of the release of Season 9: Zombies Are Back, which kicked off at 12 am UTC on October 13.

The event is scheduled to run for 28 days, with an end date of November 10, giving you plenty of time to complete the challenges.

Fun In The Stun - Challenges And Rewards

There are seven challenges as part of Fun in the Stun, which must be completed in order.

Alongside an item or cosmetic reward, five of the challenges reward you with battle pass XP, with 12,000 XP waiting for you if you complete all the challenges.

Fun in the stun 1
There are seven challenges to complete in COD: Mobile's Fun in the Stun event. | © Activision Blizzard

The challenges and rewards are:

  • Challenge #1: Play two MP matches OR win one MP match
    • Reward: Credits (200) and battle pass XP (1000)
  • Challenge #2: Deal 1000 damage in MP matches
    • Reward: Double rank XP card and battle pass XP (1000)
  • Challenge #3: Kill 20 enemies with SMGs
    • Reward: Beachside Board and battle pass XP (2000)
  • Challenge #4: Kill ten enemies at least 10 meters away with the Pharo SMG
    • Reward: QQ9 - Anime Kitty and battle pass XP (2000)
  • Challenge #5: Kill ten enemies with the Pharo SMG and the Toughness perk equipped in MP matches
    • Reward: Neko Token (5) and Skull Vertebrae
  • Challenge #6: Win three MP matches with the Pharo SMG equipped
    • Reward: Underbarrel Stun Gun and battle pass XP (3500)
  • Challenge #7: Kill five enemies with a Pharo SMG equipped with the Underbarrel Stun Gun OR play five MP matches
    • Reward: Silver crate coupon and battle pass XP (4500)

This challenge is all about the standard multiplayer modes, SMGs, and, specifically, the Pharo. You should be able to complete this challenge in a couple of sittings.

You will be using the Pharo a lot to complete Fun in the Stun. | © Activision Blizzard

One aspect some may find tricky is finding the Toughness perk. This isn't a perk for the Pharo but rather an operator perk, which can be equipped from the loadout menu. Once you manage that, you will be off to the races.

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