COD Mobile Season 1 (2023): Weapon Balance Changes

A new round of weapon balance changes are coming to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 1 (2023). Check out all the buffs and nerfs in our guide.

COD Mobile Season 1 reawakening
Check out all the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 (2023) weapon balance changes. | © Activision Blizzard

A new year and a new look for Call of Duty: Mobile, as the season counter resets and we head into Season 1: Reawakening.

At this moment in time, we know very little of what we can expect in this new update, with the developers yet to officially unveil its contents.

However, some teasers have begun popping up for the Chinese and Garena editions of the game, with Season 1 seemingly themed around the upcoming Chinese New Year as they enter the year of the rabbit.

But some things never change in the land of COD: Mobile and every new season always arrive with a new round of weapon balance changes, and thanks to the team at LeakersOnDuty, we now have advanced knowledge of what they will be.

COD: Mobile Season 1 (2023) - Weapon Balance Changes

It really is a new year, as these weapon balance changes are unlike anything with have seen before, featuring mostly buffs with very few nerfs.

In terms of buffs, several assault rifles are seeing their power increase, including the KN44 and the ever-popular M13.

The once all-powerful Artic .50 sniper rifle is also being buffed. Could it dethrone the DL Q33 and ZRG 20mm at the top of the sniper rifle tier list?

Also being buffed is the L-CAR 9. This machine pistol was an absolute terror when it debuted back in Season 6; with these buffs, it might again be the best secondary you can carry.

Of course, these might not be quite the changes we see in the game's global release, and there may be an addition here or there. If that is the case, we will update this page with all the last information.

You can check out the entire list of buffs below.


Here are the expected buffs heading into Season 1.


  • Improved chest multiplier from 1.1x to 1.2x
  • Improved ADS accuracy from 17(4) to 16(4) (~7.18 to ~7.4)


  • Improved upper arm multiplier from 1x to 1.2x
  • Large Caliber
    • Improved upper arm multiplier from 1.2 to 1.4x
  • Improved damage profile from 23-22-18-1

DR-H (MP only)

  • Adjusted range profile from 0-10-19-22-36 to 0-14-20-24-36
  • Improved ADS BSA from 25(14) to 19(11) (=5.38 to =6.73)


  • Improved reload time from 1.58s to 1.43s
  • Improved flinch resistance from 0.8 to 0.67
  • Improved ADS time from 260ms to 250ms


  • Improved arm multiplier from 1x to 1.05x
  • Improved bullet velocity from 700m/s to 850m/s

Artic .50

  • Stopper Power Reload
    • Decreased ADS time penalty from 20% to 13%
    • Improved damage profile from 85-80 to 90-85


  • Improved ADS movement speed from 1.44m/s to 2.26m/s
  • Improved ADS time from 560ms to 520ms


  • Improved range profile from 0-10-15-20 to 0-11-16-20
  • 10mm Reload
    • Improved damage profile from 26-22-17-15 to 26-23-17-15

Switchblade X9

  • Improved range profile from 0-10-15-22 to 0-10-17-22


  • Improved ADS time from 240ms to 220ms


  • Decreased the time between bursts from 533ms to 383ms

SP-R 208

  • .300 Reload
    • Improved damage profile from 77-72-73 to 77-73
    • Improved range from 0-24-48 to 0-24


  • Improved range profile from 0-18-20-35 to 0-18-30-50
  • Improved reload time from 1.84s to 1.57s


  • Decreased the time between bursts from 345ms to 300ms


  • Improved range profile from 24-15-13-12 to 25-16-13-12
  • Slug Reload
    • Improved damage profile from 104-87-85-52 to 105-88-85-52


  • Improved damage profile from 25-22-15 to 26-22-15
  • Improved range profile from 0-6-12 to 0-8-14

DR-H (BR only)

  • Adjusted range profile from 0-10-19-22 to 0-14-20-24


  • Improved range from 0-14-32 to 0-16-32
  • Ranger Barrel and Marksman Barrel
    • Improved range bonus from 20% to 25% (Ranger Barrel)
    • Improved range bonus from 27.5% to 33% (Marksman Barrel)


  • Improved damage profile from 26-23-19 to 26-24-19 (MP only)
  • Improved damage profile from 26-23 to 29-24 (BR only)


  • Improved the stability of the recoil animation
  • Decreased the intensity of the firing animation (visual shake)


  • Decreased horizontal recoil
  • Improved damage profile from 28-25-20-17 to 32-25-20-17 (MP only)
  • Improved damage profile from 30-24-20-17 to 32-25-20-17 (BR only)

KSP 45

  • Improved range from 0-11-21 to 0-13-21

Cordite (BR only)

  • Improved damage profile from 25-22-19-18-16 to 26-23-19-18

PPSh-41 (BR only)

  • Improved damage profile from 23-21-19-17 to 24-22-19-17

Death Machine

  • Chest multiplier improved from 1x to 1.2x
  • Initial fire rate improved from 500 RPM to 600 RPM

War Machine

  • Improved explosive radius from 4.5m to 5m
  • Improved minimum blast damage from 50 to 80


  • Improved item recharge from 25s to 20s

Launcher Plus

  • Improved reserve ammo bonus from +1 to +2


The following nerfs are expected with the launch of Season 1.


  • Decreased overall lunge distance
  • All melees will now have the same lunge distance of 1.3m (MP only)


  • Decreased HP bonus from 70 to 50
  • Decreased charge rate

Reactor Core

  • Decreased mobility when skill is active

Ballista EM3

  • Decreased detection range from 25m to 20m
  • Decreased damage range from 25m to 22m


  • Decreased overall duration

Flak Jacket

  • Decreased damage reduction from 150 to 50

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