COD Mobile To Get Classic Zombies Mode In October

Classic Zombies returns to Call of Duty: Mobile in October, almost three years after it was vaulted.

Horde incoming
The wait is almost over. Classic Zombies returns to Call of Duty: Mobile in October. | © Activision Blizzard

Two months since it appeared in a test build, two and a half years since it was last seen in the game, and after weeks of teasing, it's official: Classic Zombies is coming back to Call of Duty: Mobile, and it will be here in October.

The game mode returning to COD: Mobile isn't news, but no date had previously been given for when players would actually be able to play it, with whole seasons coming and going since the developers confirmed earlier this year they were looking to bring the game mode back

However, the wait is almost over. Yesterday a teaser trailer was released on the COD: Mobile social channels, revealing that Classic Zombies will return in October, very likely with the release of Season 9.

The teaser also features footage from the TranZit map, which wasn't present in the previous incarnation of the Zombies game mode before it was removed in March of 2020. Also seen is Shi No Numa, meaning previous leaks suggesting there would be multiple maps when the mode returned are likely true.

Season 9 is due out around October 13, little else is known about the update though the developers recently teased that the new battle pass is one that "you are all going to love."

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