COD Mobile Tournament Mode Reward Spinner Gives Players Free CP, But There's A Catch

This article talks about COD: Mobile Tournament Mode changes associated with rewarding free CP to players using a Reward Spinner.

COD Mobile Season 7 Heat Wave Cover
Here's everything you need to know about COD: Mobile Tournament Mode's Reward Spinner. | © Activision Blizzard

COD: Mobile Season 7 (2023), officially titled 'Heat Wave' patch notes were revealed on July 25, 2023, and with that, we came to know about the Tournament Mode changes, which include the addition of a Reward Spinner that potentially gives players free CP for playing the said mode.

According to Activision, they have been monitoring the COD Points (CP) reward via the game's Tournament mode for a long time, and they noticed that players who couldn't manage to rank the leaderboards were not getting any rewards.

This, of course, means players, after a time, get tired of the Tournament mode and often switch back to normal MP or BP mode or just quit the game.

So to ensure all players playing the Tournament mode in COD: Mobile is getting rewarded with free CP and other lucrative rewards, the devs came up with the idea of adding a lottery system, a Reward Spinner.

The Reward Spinner, as per Activision, will "appear at certain intervals throughout each Tournament." In a community post, they even added, "The system includes rewards such as COD Points, Tournament Winner Chests, and Credits."

But before you get excited that the game will soon feature a new system that will "actually" reward you with free CP, you must know that the "CP are limited in number and reset weekly" on Wednesday.

Moreover, "the existing CP rewards on the leaderboards will be replaced with multi-draws awarded at the settlement of leaderboards."

At the time of writing, the devs have not clarified the exact probability of players getting the free CP. Moreover, adding RNG in the Tournament mode is beneficial to the devs and not that much to the actual players.

The free CP reward will attract more players, making the Tournament mode more active. In addition to that, it will help the game grow on the esports side in the long term.

But when it comes to "rewarding free CP," we think Activision should add a more direct way without adding any RNG.

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