Arena Breakout Will Be Released On July 14, Soft Launch To Begin Immediately

Arena Breakout will be released to app stores in mid-July 2023. However, the game is set to be soft-launched in select countries.

Arena Breakout Release banner
Arena Breakout will be released worldwide soon. | © Level Infinite

Mark your calendars because one of 2023's most highly-anticipated games has finally been given a release date. Arena Breakout will be launched worldwide on July 14, 2023.

The tactical FPS mobile title attracted a noticeable amount of buzz last year due to its next-gen immersive combat and realistic graphics.

Arena Breakout was dubbed an "Escape From Tarkov clone" as it boasts similar PvPvE gameplay to the classic FPS title.

However, the developers have crafted a simple yet unique shooter experience. In the game, you can join matches as either a solo or part of a squad. From there, you will enter maps with missions or the simple objective of hunting and eliminating other squads. Loot and other helpful items will be scattered around the map to aid you in your quest.

Despite the game hitting the app stores only in mid-July, Arena Breakout will be soft-launched in Brazil and the Philippines on June 26. Several content creators have already received early access to the game.

To be notified about when the game is fully released, you can pre-register at the game's official website. Alternatively, you can pre-register at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

It was revealed that Arena Breakout has surpassed five million pre-registrations.


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