Where To Find The Gemstone Critter List In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

This guide shares details on where you can find the Gemstone Critter list in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Critter List Guide 3
Here's how you can get the Gemstone Critter list in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. | © Sunblink

'Open the Nature Preserve' is one of the story quests in Hello Kitty Island Adventure that will take players around the abandoned island to locate lost Critter lists to revive the Nature Preserve.

There are a total of five Critter Lists that players must find to complete the Nature Preserve questline, which requires you to find the Volcano, Seaside, Swamp, Gemstone, and Reef Critter Lists.

In this guide, we will talk about where you can find the Gemstone Critter List while sharing a few other details on obtaining it, so keep reading.

Update: We updated the guide with the latest details on September 20, 2023.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gemstone Critter List Location

Gemstone Critter List
You can find the Gemstone Critter List inside the Reef Critter Room. | © Sunblink

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you can find the Gemstone Critter List inside the Reef Critter Room in the Nature Preserve.

To unlock the Reef Critter Room, you must progress the "Restore The Nature Preserve" quest till you have obtained the Seaside Critter List and unlocked the Seaside Critter Room.

Gemstone Critter List Location
Make you way to the shown location and use the diving gear to reach the Gemstone Critter List. | © Sunblink

Once that happens, you can find the Reef Critter List and open the respective room. That said, once you are inside the Reef Critter Room, go to the location as shown in the above screenshot and use the diving gear, aka the Snorkeling gear that you obtain from Kuromi, upon reaching Friendship Level 6.

There, you will find the Gemstone Critter List, which you can collect by tapping on the hand icon that appears when you are near the said item.

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