Indus: Release Date, Pre-Registration, Trailer, More

SuperGaming's Indo-futuristic battle royale is one to watch. Here is everything you need to know about the game known as Indus.

Indus wallpaper
Here is everything you need to know about Indus. | © SuperGaming

It takes a lot to grab the attention of a game journo who covers the battle royale beat but that is exactly what Indian developer SuperGaming have done with the reveal of Indus.

Touted as an Indo-futuristic battle royale, this "made-in-India for-the-world" BR is an exciting prospect, with a major factor in that assessment being that it is a Indian-led development.

The country has fallen in love with battle royale games, and has often found that love restricted due to circumstances far out of the average gamer's control.

An Indian development, which emphasises story and lore, and looks to take inspiration from the rich tapestry of Indian history, could feasibly give the game a unique and depth that makes it a game interesting to those outside the country.

If you are as interested as we are about Indus, check out our primer below which will keep you up to date with the latest on its release date, gameplay, and pre-registration/beta details.

Indus - Release Date

Indus is at an advanced stage of development with a recent in-person playtest taking place at the company's HQ in Pune, India.

However, the developers are in no rush to get it out. The game's official FAQ states it will be released "when it's done" but does promise a playable version of the game "should" be available in 2022.

As with many mobile games, expected an extended region-locked open beta period, with a global launch more likely seen in 2023.

The developers state the game will be available on PC, Android, iOS, and consoles but have not stated which consoles they will be.

How To Pre-Register For Indus

You can't currently officially pre-register for Indus through your device's app store, though it won't be long till you can.

At the end of the Indus reveal trailer (which you can see below), it states that pre-registration will begin "later this year."

To stay up to date with the development, you can register your interest on the game's official website, which should make you aware of when any testing periods are coming up.

What Is Indus?

Indus bills itself as a battle royale inspired by Indo-futurism, with the developers explaining exactly what they mean by that in a recent blog post:

To us, Indo-futurism is the balance between representing India’s glorious past with a hopeful future. From the perspective of Indus and its lore, it all started with the questions: ‘What if instead of going extinct the Indus Valley civilisation advanced to the space age? And what if we extrapolated that to an entire planet rather than just a river valley?’

The developers want to reflect Indian culture, and science fiction, in a positive light, dipping into the country's rich history for inspiration of a futuristic world.

The game has you in the role of a Mythwalker. You’re a hired gun working for COVEN, an intergalactic syndicate that discovered an ancient yet scientifically advanced world called Indus. This planet also happens to have Cosmium - a rare natural resource.

Careful consideration has been given to the game's futuristic buildings and structures which take inspiration from Indian architecture, anime, and Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Indus 3
Indus wants to put Indian history on the (battle royale) map. | © SuperGaming

Confirmed to be a first-person shooter, details such as player lobby count, additional game modes, and even a potential battle pass system are all undetermined and it we are simply going to have to wait for the developers to reveal more about them game.

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