Mini x Pokémon Concept Car Takes Gaming On The Road

BMW unveiled a tech-heavy Pikachu-powered Mini at Gamescom 2022.

Pikachu 2
Mi i revealed a Pikachu-themed concept car that is all-electric. | © BMW / The Pokémon Company

BMW has partnered with Pokémon for a Pikachu-themed Mini concept car which is, of course, all-electric.

The German car manufacturer unveiled the car at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, which opened in Cologne last night (August 23).

The car, which is a variation of the Aceman concept revealed back in July, features the ability to hook up a game console and project gameplay (and we assume other media) from the front of the car.

And that arguably isn't the coolest feature of this car, as it's from the inside that things get really interesting.

The car boasts a huge circular screen and the ability to project visuals across the entire dash. From here, those in the car can look at pictures that, thanks to the projector, appear to wash over the car. Appropriate "soundscapes" will also play; if you are, say, looking at a photo of a beach, you will hear the sounds of waves crashing.

Pokemon mini
The MINI Aceman is a car for those that love tech. | © BMW

You can also tap into a Pop Up mode that will bring you information about the areas you are driving around, from the best place to shop to the hottest restaurants.

But will we ever see it? This is a concept car, after all, and the chances of the Pikachu-powered one seen at Gamescom last night making it into production in any large numbers is likely quite small, but the technology is there, and it has got at least one reluctant driver reconsidering their need of a car.

However, those in attendance at Gamescom will be able to see it up close as the vehicle can be found in the merchandise area.