Project BloodStrike: Release Date, Download Links, More

NetEase's Project BloodStrike is a new battle royale that has quickly garnered a lot of attention. Find out why, and how you can play in this primer.

Project: BloodStrike release date download links apk ios
Project: BloodStrike offers up similar gameplay to Warzone, and it has just entered into open beta. | © NetEase

Tired of waiting for the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile? Well, there is another new battle royale that wants your attention, and it has just entered into open beta.

Project: BloodStrike is from mobile gaming giant NetEase, the developers behind Naraka Bladepoint and Marvel Duel, among many others. Featuring realistic modern weapons and Call of Duty-esque movement and gunplay, the game has been praised for its smooth gameplay and seeming lack of bots.

The open beta started yesterday, but at the moment, it is only available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

For more information, including how to gain access to the beta and download the game, keep on reading.

Project: BloodStrike - Release Date

There is no fixed release date for the global launch of Project: BloodStrike.

However, the game has launched its first technical test in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, with an Android and iOS version available to gamers.

Project: BloodStrike beta
Project: BloodStrike is running its first technical test in Southeast Asia. | © NetEase

By all reports, the game is in a very playable state, with impressive performance across various devices.

There is no invite needed for this beta, with anyone from eligible countries able to download the game and play.

The technical test started at 10 am on September 23 and is expected to run until September 27.

Project: BloodStrike - How To Download

If you are in one of the four eligible countries, you can download the game from Google Play and Apple's Test Flight app.

The download size is approximately 820 MB.

If you reside outside these countries and want to try it out, you can download the APK and install the game manually. You will, however, need to play using a VPN routed to one of the eligible countries and likely contend with high latency when in-game.

The manual install option is only available to Android users; you can download the APK from here.

What To Expect

Described by some as a mix between Apex Legends and Warzone, Project: BloodStrike is a battle royale with roguelike elements.

The game's graphics and performance have been praised, and as a potential stop-gap until the release of Warzone, it looks like a good bet.

Players can choose between eight operators for players to choose from, with each having a unique skill. Those skills can be supplemented with 'tactical cores' that give you additional abilities and perks.

Microsoft Teams image 9
Project: BloodStrike features operators with unique skills. | © NetEase

There are also buy stations that can be used to respawn your teammates or purchase customized loadouts built from a vast arsenal of realistic weapons. Players collect cash from kills.

Project: BloodStrike download apk
Project: BloodStrike is more than a little similar to Call of Duty: Warzone. | © NetEase

The game supports 100 players, and many who have had hands-on time with the game have expressed their surprise at how few bots appear in the matches.

There is also a dynamic weather system that sees matches go from sun-soaked to pelting down with rain.

If you want to watch some gameplay, check out the video below from Tribe Gaming's ImOw.

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