The Division Resurgence Controller Support: Supported Devices, When?, More

Can you use a controller with The Division Resurgence? Check out supported devices and what the developers have been saying about future controller support.

The Division Resurgence Controller Support
Does The Division Resurgence Support A Controller? | © Ubisoft

Ubisoft are going big on mobile gaming with not one but two Tom Clancy titles making the move to mobile devices. First, we had the announcement of Rainbow Six Mobile, and now we have The Division Resurgence, which brings the Strategic Homeland Division for their first mobile encounter.

The mainline games are cross-platform, and most playing on the PlayStation or Xbox consoles do so using a controller, and many will be hoping they can do that with The Division Resurgence. So, that means the developers implementing controller support - but have they or will they?

Does The Division Resurgence Have Controller Support?

The short answer is - no, it does not.

The Division Resurgence is currently in closed alpha, with currently European-based players the only ones with a chance of gaining access. That build, however, does not have controller support.

The Division Resurgence controller
The Division Resurgence currently only has touch controls. | © Ubisoft

What Have The Developers Said?

Thankfully, controller support is one of the topics the developers have spoken up on since the release of the closed alpha, stating that controller support will be available with the game's full launch.

However, they also state that there will be no controller support in the alpha and beta tests.

The Division Resurgence - Supported Controllers

The developers have yet to provide a list of supported controllers, but in confirming that they planned to implement controller support into the game, they used an image of a PlayStation and Xbox controller - two popular choices to use via your device's Bluetooth.

We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

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