The Division Resurgence: Release Date, Open Beta, Gameplay, More

A mobile version of The Division has just been announced. Here is everything you need to know including the release date, trailer, open beta, and more.

The Division Resurgence Release Date, Trailer, Open Beta, Gameplay, More
The Division Resurgence will be coming to Android and iOS devices. | © Ubisoft

Ubisoft are doubling down with their mobile gaming aspirations; not only is Rainbow Six Mobile on the way but fellow Tom Clancy-inspired franchise, The Division, is also coming to handheld devices.

The Division Resurgence is a free-to-play prequel to The Division 1 and 2 and is set in the same sprawling open-world New York that was featured in the first game. PvE is the primary game mode with players able to take on nefarious factions solo or cooperatively.

Ubisoft are promising a true "AAA experience" for mobile gamers and, while only announced yesterday (July 6, 2022), it has quickly become one of the most anticipated upcoming mobile games.

It may well be a while until the vast majority of us can play The Division Resurgence with no release date yet confirmed and applications for a close alpha only just opening with its official unveiling.

If you want to learn more, including how you can become a part of that alpha test and future open betas, our primer will explain all.

The Division Resurgence - Release Date

As mentioned before, there is currently no official release date for The Division Resurgence though based on the release schedule of other similar titles and considering how far The Division Resurgence appears to be in its development.

The best barometer for this is Rainbow Six Mobile. That title was announced in April of this year and opened up entry to the closed alpha test shortly after, and further, held the first closed alpha test shortly after.

The Division Resurgence closed alpha beta test
The Division Resurgence brings The Division experience to handheld devices. | © Ubisoft

While it initially looked like The Division Resurgence had a while to go before a closed alpha was set to begin, the developers have now confirmed that the first closed alpha is set to begin "later this month (July)".

With closed alpha testing on its way, and likely a more accessible open beta soon after, it is likely that The Division Resurgence will get a full release in Q1 of 2023. To get access to the closed alpha, or later beta tests, follow the instructions found below.

How Can I Join The Division Resurgence Alpha/Beta Test?

Registration for the upcoming closed alpha tests is now open but there has been no confirmation on when they will take part or in what region/s of the world will they will be open to with the developers only stating they will send invitations out to players "depending on the devices and locations we wish to test first."

More information on those devices and locations has been promised soon.

To register for The Division Resurgence closed alpha test simply follow these instructions:

  1. Head to the official The Division Resurgence website.
  2. Scroll down until you see a prompt to "Choose your platform".
  3. Select your chosen platform and login using your Ubisoft account.
  4. Complete the registration.
  5. And that's you! If you are lucky enough you will receive an email a couple of days before the launch of the closed alpha with more information.
You can register for The Division Resurgence closed alpha test through the official website. | © Ubisoft

Don't worry if you are not invited to those initial playtests, as development moves on, new server nodes and devices will need to be tested, and, by registering now, you will have put yourself in the running for those later beta tests.

The Division Resurgence - Trailer/Gameplay

Ubisoft is looking to create an AAA experience on mobile with The Division Resurgence. If you are unfamiliar with the mainline Division games, they are third-person shooters with RPG elements.

Players will take on the role of an operative of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), and will attempt to keep safe a New York that has been overrun by warring factions. Missions will be playable as a solo player or with teammates in a coop mode. A PvP game mode has yet to be confirmed.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to take on a specialization, upgrade your weapon and gear, and use gadgets that will help you complete your mission. The developers have also promised that the controls have been entirely reworked for mobile gaming and game sessions, in general, have been shortened.

Little else is known about The Division Resurgence but, with a closed alpha test on the way, you can be sure that more information will begin reaching our eyes and ears soon.

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