Tom Clancy's The Division Is Going Mobile With Resurgence

The Division Resurgence brings the PvE action to mobile.

The Division Resurgence release date
The Division Resurgence promises an "AAA experience" for mobile users. | © Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced The Division Resurgence, the first mobile entry for Tom Clancy-inspired The Division franchise. The title will be developed by a "core lead team at Ubisoft" with the help of "other studios & partners."

Promising an "AAA experience", the free-to-play third-person shooter with RPG elements will look and feel familiar to many who have played the two mainline titles with the game being set in a vast open-world version of New York that was seen in The Divison 1.

The Division Comes To Mobile

The Division Resurgence will act as a prequel to The Division 1 and 2 with a new PvE campaign that will see players become a member of the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) with the goal of restoring order after a group called the Freemen have wreaked havoc over New York. Players can specialize in unique roles and upgrade their weapons and gear.

The Division Resurgence
Players will be able to upgrade their character's weapons and gear. | © Ubisoft

The game will have both solo and cooperative modes and there is no word yet on any potential PvP elements. The developers have promised mobile-optimized controls and shorter game times than that seen in the mainline titles.

The Division Resurgence follows on from another Ubisoft title from the Tom Clancy staple going mobile with the release of Rainbow Six Mobile, an adaption of the hugely popular Rainbow Six Siege, currently in closed alpha testing with a wider release later this year.

There is no word yet on the monetization strategy though, as it is free-to-play, players can at least expect in-game cosmetics and very likely a battle pass system.

Currently, The Division Resurgence has no fixed release date but interested players are encouraged to register their interest for the upcoming closed alpha test via the official The Division Resurgence website.

The game is to be released on Android and iOS with no other platforms currently confirmed.

Of course, The Division Resurgence isn't the only AAA title coming to mobile soon, with Riot Games' getting in on the act with Valorant and DICE with Battlefield Mobile.