Undawn: Redwood Forest Military Crate Locations

This guide shares the location of all Military Crates that you can find in the Redwood Forest area of Undawn.

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Here's a guide that shares all Redwood Forest Military Crates locations in Undawn. | © LightSpeed Studios

Military Crates are one of the interactable objects in Undawn that you can find and interact with to mainly find weapons and ammunition, along with Silver and resources that you can use for crafting and other purposes.

Each area in the game has a certain number of Military Crates distributed around the map that you can hunt for and find if you want to well equip your character and progress the game, especially the World Exploration of the respective area.

But it is not an easy task as the game doesn't tell you where to look for these Military Crates, which is why we are here to help you.

In this guide, we share the location of all Military Crates found in the Redwood Forest area in Undawn.

All Redwood Forest Military Crates Location In Undawn

Military Crate Location Redwood Forest
You can find all sixteen Military Crate locations Marked on the above map. | © LightSpeed Studios via GameM

There are sixteen Military Crates that you can find in the Redwood Forest area of Undawn. Some are located close to one another, whereas most will require you to use your ride to reach the location.

You can use the above map screenshot to reach the Military Crates' locations and then interact with them to scavenge whatever it offers.

Finding these Military Crates will help you progress the World Exploration and make your character more battle ready.

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