Valorant Clone, Hyper Front, Gets Global Launch

Hyper Front, which many have branded a Valorant clone, is getting its global launch.

Hyper Front
Hyper Front will launch globally on July 20. | © NetEase

Have you ever wanted to play Valorant but just slightly different? Well, now you have the opportunity as Hyper Front is set to get its global release.

You may remember Hyper Front from some leaked gameplay footage that came out around this time last year (it was called Project M at that time), which revealed a title that was eerily similar to Riot Games' Valorant. And when we say eerily similar, we are being kind, as the game was a complete rip-off of Riot's tactical shooter and saw it quickly branded a "Valorant clone."

Enjoy playing Sova? Then, in Hyper Front, you'll love the equally adept archer Faith Arrow. Prefer to support your teammates? Then the definitely-not-a-copy-of-Sage, Coldcast will probably be your go-to.

It probably goes without saying, but it also has very similar maps, weapons, and even promotional material. Even the idea of "Valorant on mobile" is old hat, as Riot Games are currently developing their own Valorant Mobile title.

Sage 3
Sage is that you? | © NetEase

Hyper Front Gets Global Launch

But that's the past (or is it? Lawyers are surely working overtime on this one), and Hyper Front is now getting its global release after the title was soft-launched in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand earlier this year.

Set to launch on Wednesday, July 20, the game will also be getting an update with three new characters (bringing theroster up to 12) that, while they still take their cues from Valorant, aren't the exact copies we have seen with earlier characters - presumably because they have caught up with Riot Games and need to do a bit of thinking for themselves.

Hyper Front 2
Hyper Front will introduce three new characters with its global launch. | © NetEase

The new characters are Yoru - sorry, Veil, Nemesis, and Cure Light and will be available to players on launch day, alongside a new map and a raft of seasonal content and events.

It will be interesting to see the future of Hyper Front, especially once Riot Games' own Valorant Mobile launches, and whether this copycat can ever break free of its obvious inspirations and stake a place of its own - at the moment, we can't see it.

Players can pre-register and download the global release client from Apple's App Store and Google Play, with the servers expected to go back up on July 20 at 4 am UTC.