8-Bit "Valorant Mobile" Gameplay Footage Goes Viral, And We Are Desperate To Try It

Valorant Mobile but an 8-bit isometic game? Yes, please.

Valorant Mobile leaked 8-bit gameplay
This is the Valorant Mobile we really want to see. | © Riot Games

Riot Games are already working on a mobile version of Valorant but a fan-made development that reimagines the tactical shooter as an 8-bit isometric title is the Valorant Mobile we all truly want.

The work is the brainchild of Instagram user yamivalorant and the pixel art above is actually well over a year old but a more recent reimaging, that includes some "gameplay footage", has gone viral and has players desperate to play a 2D version of the game.

8-Bit Valorant Mobile Clip Goes Viral

Ever wondered what a Jett dash would look like in a top-down 2D world? Well, wonder no more, as yamivalorant has uploaded a video showing what Valorant if it took its design queues from Pokémon Gold/Silver.

In a clip that has been 'liked' over 21,000 times and watched by many more, we can see Jett dash onto Ascent's A site before a lurking Brimstone pulverizes her with his Orbital Strike ultimate.

Brimstone, who clearly enjoyed his handy work, can be hiding behind a corner and laughing.

The creation, which we are pretty sure isn't anything like playable, has had many uninformed Valorant fans asking if this is what Valorant Mobile actually looks like, seemingly believing yamivalorant's caption that this is "Valorant Mobile gameplay".

Sadly, or thankfully, depending on how hyped you are for the real Valorant Mobile, this is not Riot Games' mobile version of their tactical shooter and is merely the work of a super fan.

Though, it has had us wondering how such a title would play. It would definitely be played at a slower pace, aiming would be more difficult, and we are not exactly sure how useful smoke grenades would be considering you can essentially see past them, but despite those gameplay hurdles, you have to admit - it has a lot of charm.

Trying to convince Riot Games to ditch their current plans and make the mobile version 2D is probably too much of an ask, the game is already at an advanced stage of development and has had a number of testing periods in China and, from leaked footage, looks to be pretty much a 1:1 remake of the PC title.

And with the recent news that their mobile MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift has made over $500 million since its 2020 launch, we don't doubt they are confident about their plans for Valorant Mobile.

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