When Will Poppy Playtime 3 Be Released On Mobile?

We give you the answers you are looking about Poppy Playtime 3's release date on mobile and what you can expect to see in it.

Poppy Playtime3 Mobile
We can expect Poppy Playtime 3 to be released on mobile. | © Mob Entertainment

Poppy Playtime is the popular episodic puzzle-based horror game that has gripped the attention of many since the first chapter was released in 2021.

After this, the series has grown into a cult classic, with many appreciating the first-person experience of exploring the abandoned Playtime Co. toy factory, its deep story, and its iconic characters.

With the third chapter expected to be launched soon, many are beginning to ask when Poppy Playtime 3 will be released on mobile.

What Is Poppy Playtime 3's Release Date For Mobile?

Poppy Playtime3 Release Date
Mark your calendars as Poppy Playtime 3 will be released on mobile soon. | © Mob Entertainment

Chapter 3 has been in the works for a long time as the developers, Mob Entertainment, released the first trailer in August 2022 swiftly after the launch of Chapter 2 on mobile.

Poppy Playtime 3 will be released on PC in Winter 2023. However, this will vary for players hoping to get the game on mobile as there is a downtime of a few months before a mobile port is developed and launched.

Poppy Playtime 3 is expected to be released on mobile in early 2024. Once it is available on Android and iOS, you will be able to purchase it from the respective app stores. The price has not been revealed, but it will probably cost the same as Chapter 2: USD $4.99.

Warning: The following section contains spoilers from Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

What Can We Expect To See In Poppy Playtime 3?

Poppy Playtime3 Gameplay
Chapter 3 will continue where Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 left off. | © Mob Entertainment

The next installment will continue where the story ended in Chapter 2. To refresh your memory, the final scenes of the game saw Poppy diverting the train the player uses to escape - causing it to crash. She does not want to let the player leave and claims they can handle what happens next.

The train derails and sees the player being taken deeper into the Playtime Co. factory towards a place known as "Playcare". After this, the player loses consciousness.

From there, we can expect the story in Poppy Playtime 3 to dive deeper into the lore, meet new horrific toys, and encounter unexplored locations.

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