PlayStation Is Developing Two AAA Mobile Games Using Unreal Engine 5

PlayStation is currently working on bringing two AAA mobile games to app stores in the coming years.

Play Station AAA Mobile Games
PlayStation are developing two triple-A mobile games. | © PlayStation

Sony made a bold move in late 2022 when they announced their plans to enter the mobile gaming scene. In a display of commitment to the project, they launched a dedicated mobile games department called the 'PlayStation Studios Mobile Division' with the aim of "fearlessly exploring new ideas."

Now, it wasn't clear at the time exactly what the tech giant had in mind. The question of IPs, genre, style, and much more were unanswered. All the head of PlayStation Studios could give us was that the games would be "something big."

Well, it's been a few months down the road and we've finally caught wind of an interesting piece of news. Courtesy of a trustworthy source, it's been revealed that PlayStation is currently developing two AAA mobile games.

The exciting part about this news is that both games are being developed using the highly advanced Unreal Engine 5, so you know the graphics will be crisp.

One title will be based on a never-before-seen IP, while the other will be using an existing IP. Rumors suggest this could either be Spiderman or The Last of Us.

Play Station Games
We could see a mobile game based on one from PlayStation's impressive IP catalog. | © PlayStation

It's also been revealed that one will be a 3D action-adventure game and the other will be a 3D role-playing game.

In a bit of unfortunate news to some, PlayStation appears to be set on offering one as free to play and making the other a paid game. If the titles live up to other games in their illustrious catalog, then the price may be very well worth it.

We're still far away from hearing about an official release date as these upcoming PlayStation mobile titles are in early development. However, we could potentially see their arrival in the coming years as Sony previously stated their plans on having half of its IP on PC and mobile by 2025.

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