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CD Projekt Red Plans To Develop More Mobile Games

CD Projekt recently announced its plans to pursue the development of more mobile games.

CD Projekt Red Mobile Games Development Plan Future
Expect more mobile games from CD Projekt Red. | © CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red recently announced in a strategy update that they plan on developing more mobile games in the future.

With the mobile gaming market expected to exceed USD $200 billion, it's unsurprising to see mainstream game developers enter the scene.

The Polish developer is the latest to join the likes of Netflix and Sony in pursuing the development of original mobile games. However, this isn't their maiden voyage into the industry, as they have made two spinoff mobile games based on The Witcher in 2014 and 2015.

On top of that, CD Projekt Red acquired a majority stake in mobile games developer, Spokko, in 2018.

CD Projekt Red Franchise Flywheel Mobile Game Development
CD Projekt Red's path of a 'Franchise Flywheel' includes mobile games. | © CD Projekt Red

In a plan CD Projekt Red describes as a "franchise flywheel," developing mobile games is not an independent objective. Instead, it's part of a larger plan to expand the company brand through new fields and mediums. These include comics, TV shows, films, partnerships, and "spin-off" mobile games based on their current IPs.

Given CD Projekt Red's previous endeavors into creating mobile games based on The Witcher, we could see an expansion of that with more games brought to life under this IP.

With the resurgence of Cyberpunk 2077, it would not seem like a far fetch to expect a spin-off mobile game set in the same universe.

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