Gameplay From Scrapped Sonic Mobile Game Leaked

Gameplay footage of a scrapped Sonic mobile game has recently surfaced online. It shows what could've been if SEGA and developers, Nitrome, completed the game.

Sonic The Hedgehob scrapped mobile game gameplay footage SEGA
Gameplay footage from a scrapped Sonic mobile game has resurfaced online. | © SEGA

The Sonic mobile game was styled as a vertical wall-running platformer that would've seen players help the blue hedgehog traverse through multiple worlds and challenges. Since it was scrapped in 2021, not much was known about what the game would've looked like. That is until gameplay footage recently surfaced.

Nitrome, the developer behind the would-be game, is a British indie game developer known for their Leap Day series and Bomb Chicken. Throughout early development, they had their eyes set on creating a gaming experience that would've taken players down memory lane.

Inspired by the famous hedgehog's lore, the game had memorable enemies and references to the historic franchise. Some references included nods to the Sonic games that were released on the SEGA Genesis - or Mega Drive to some of you. Besides that, the game had features that allowed players to collect Rings, visit areas such as the Green Hill Zone, and introduce new zones for players to explore every day.

Unfortunately, SEGA has a notoriously strict policy towards the games they develop, and Nitrome's proposed Sonic game was no exception. The game was swiftly scrapped in December 2021. The full reasoning behind their decision is still unclear, but it's believed that SEGA thought that the game would not be appealing to Sonic fans.

This was a shock, final decision as, according to the developers, the game ran on "pretty authentic lore and utilized similar Sonic engine logic."

However, Nitrome's work and efforts did not end entirely in vain. After their proposed Sonic game was scrapped, the developers took its wall-running mechanic and patched it into their latest addition to the Leap Day series: Super Leap Day.

Nitrome had previously stated that they were willing to explore the idea of a one-button Sonic the Hedgehog game if SEGA were interested. Thought it must be said no developments have been made so far.

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