Sony Reveal New PlayStation Studios Mobile Team, Already Working On "AAA Shooter"

Sony will enter the mobile gaming scene with its newly created division that aims to bring AAA games to anyone with a phone!

Sony Acquisition Savage Game Studios Mobile Gaming
Sony has entered the mobile gaming scene with the acquisition of Savage Game Studios! | © Sony

Sony has announced that they have recently acquired Savage Game Studios. This marks the company's first step in its expansion into the realm of mobile gaming.

Savage Game Studios will join Sony's newly created PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, which will work and operate independently of their console department. With this newfound independence, this division will "focus on innovative, on-the-go experiences based on new and existing PlayStation IP."

Head of Sony, Hermen Hulst, applauds Savage Game Studios' goal of "fearlessly exploring bold new ideas." In addition to this, he mentioned that the acquisition deal was a simple decision and that:

We [Sony] share their [Save Game Studios'] tireless ambition to innovate, along with a continued drive to expand our audience and bring PlayStation to more people than ever before, making them a perfect fit to join PlayStation Studios.

It should be mentioned that Savage Game Studios is a young company - having only been founded in 2020 - and has yet to release a game. However, it was co-founded by veteran game developers Michail Katkoff, Michael McManus, and Nadjim Adjir, who have previously worked at massive game companies such as Insomniac Games, Rovio, and Supercell.

Michail Katkoff, who is now the CEO and co-founder of Savage Game Studios, remains optimistic despite his company's small reputation. When asked about why they joined PlayStation Studios, he responded with:

The ability to potentially tap into PlayStation’s amazing catalog of IP and the fact that we will benefit from the kind of support that only they can provide… The harder question to answer would be “why not?”

In any case, Sony states that they will continue to deliver the same amazing gaming experiences players are used to on console but on mobile. This year has already been massive for the company as recent PS5 and PS4 titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and MLB the Show 22 have performed incredibly well this year.

Sony Acquisition Savage Game Studios Horizon Call of the Mountain VR2
Horizon: Call of the Mountain is an upcoming game that Sony's new VR2 will be compatible with! | © Sony

This mobile gaming project is just the latest addition to Sony's plans to completely revolutionize the world of gaming. Sony is also currently developing the second generation of the PlayStation VR2 that promises incredible immersion in new game releases like Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

We are still not clear about what mobile games we can expect from them in the future. In his statement regarding the acquisition, Michail Katkoff teased a potential tapping of PlayStation IP, but that is yet to be officially confirmed. However, it's most likely that we could see something new.

Regardless of the IP involved, Hermen Hulst tweeted that Savage Game Studios have already begun working on "something great."

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