MultiVersus Mobile: Release Date, Leaks, More

Warner Bros's MultiVersus has captured the attention of millions on PC and console but will there be a mobile version and, if yes, when?

Is MultiVersus coming to mobile? | © Warner Bros

Multiverses are all the rage in films and TV, and now the idea is exciting gamers with Warner Bros' fighting game, MultiVersus, capturing the imagination of millions of gamers.

With a roster of characters taken from Warner Bros' huge stable of IPs (who doesn't want to fight as Bugs Bunny or Batman?) and a refreshing 2v2 game mode, there is plenty to fall in love with for both casual and competitive players.

Part of what makes the game so great is playing and fighting with friends is so easy.

The game is available on last and current generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as Microsoft Windows, with cross-progression and cross-platform already available with the open beta.

MultiVersus Mobile release date
MultiVersus promises a continually growing cast of fighters to play with. | © Warner Bros

But, of course, that isn't all the world's gamers, with both Nintendo Switch and mobile gamers missing out on the fighting fun.

Well, at least for now, as a recent leak has suggested that a mobile port of MultiVersus is in the works.

Here is everything you need to know.

Is MultiVerus Getting A Mobile Port?

According to a recent data mine, it certainly looks like it.

The leak comes courtesy of multiversusie, and centers on several lines of code that make reference to iOS and Android, as well as what appears to be references to the game's controls.

While this certainly doesn't make a mobile version of MultiVersus a guarantee, the very existence of these files points to the developers, at the very least, exploring the option.

In regards to a Nintendo Switch version, many think that it's unlikely, with the game's server-side rollback netcode not suitable for the Switch's top-heavy online offering. Of course, never say never, but at the moment, it's more likely that playing MultiVersus on the move will be achievable on Android and iOS devices before it is on the Switch.

MultiVersus Mobile - Release Date

Wow, hold on there. These leaked files are, at the moment, the only evidence of a mobile port and represent just a few lines of code.

The game's fans and developers are currently gearing up for the release of the previously delayed Season 1 which is set to feature additional game modes, new characters in the shape of Rick and Morty, from the show of the same name, and a raft of new cosmetics with basketball star LeBron James to receive a costume based on Robin from Batman.

With all this in the works, and more content planned, it may be that we will be waiting a while for a mobile port of the game.

But don't worry; as soon as the developers make even a peep about MultiVersus Mobile, we will run to update this page.

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