Mobile Legends: New Hero Fredrinn Release Date, Abilities, Skins, More

Fredrinn is the newest Hero to join Mobile Legends! Here's a guide on his abilities, cosmetics, stats, and more!

Fredrinn Mobile Legends
Here's a guide on Fredrinn - the latest Hero to join Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! | © Montoon

The Rogue Appraiser, Fredrinn, is the newest Hero to join Mobile Legends. He boasts incredible durability and damage output that makes him a good choice to fill in the Tank or Fighter role. We were able to see some gameplay in his Hero Spotlight:

Fredrinn is a fast-paced Hero who can easily initiate battles and win them in the early and mid-game. His passive means that he will be especially useful in the late game when taking damage is critically important for those hectic team fights. That being said, let's go over all of Fredrinn's abilities and how you can use them.

Fredrinn Release Date

Fredrinn will be released as the new Hero in Mobile Legends on August 12, 2022. He is expected to cost 599 Diamonds or 32,000 Battle Points. You can purchase Fredrinn from the in-game shop for a 30% discount in the first week of his release.

Fredrinn Abilities

As with any Hero in Mobile Legends, Fredrinn will have a passive, three skills, and an ultimate. Here's a breakdown of them all:

Passive - Crystalline Armor

Crystalline Armor
Crystalline Armor is Fredrinn's Passive ability! | © Montoon

Fredrinn stores 6% of the damage he receives as Crystal Energy. The Crystal Energy decays after eight seconds at a rate of 5% Max HP per second. Fredrinn can convert the stored Crystal Energy into HP by 30% of his damage dealt (15% for damage dealt to minions).

Fredrinn gains one Combo Point that lasts six seconds each time his regular skill hits a non-minion enemy (up to four Combo Points maximum). His Ultimate costs different numbers of Combo Points at different skill levels.

Skill One - Piercing Strike

Piercing Strike
Piercing Strike is Fredrinn's Skill One! | © Montoon

Fredrinn will thrust his sword in the target direction, dealing 150 (+8% Total HP) Physical Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 30% for two seconds. His next Basic Attack gains extra attack range and deals 100 (+120% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage. This skill deals 150% damage to non-hero enemies.

Skill Two - Brave Assault

Brave Assault
Brave Assault is Fredrinn's Skill Two! | © Montoon

Fredrinn will dash in the target direction, dealing 200 (+80% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the first non-minion enemy hit. His next Basic Attack knocks the target airborne for 0.3 seconds.

Skill Three - Energy Eruption

Energy Eruption
Energy Eruption is Fredrinn's Skill Three! | © Montoon

Fredrinn deals 300 (+100% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and taunts them for one second. Hitting a non-minion enemy grants Fredrinn 30 Physical and Magic Defense for three seconds and reduces the cooldowns of Piercing Strike and Brave Assault by 75%. This skill costs one Combo Point.

Ultimate - Appraiser's Wrath

Appraisers Wrath
Appraiser's Wrath is Fredrinn's Ultimate! | © Montoon

Fredrinn will slam his sword in the target direction, dealing 600 plus 40% of his Crystal Energy as Physical Damage to enemies in a cone after a short delay. Enemies in the center of the area take 175% damage. This skill costs three Combo Points.

Fredrinn Skins

Regal Renegade Fredrinn
Regal Renegade is the first skin that Fredrinn will receive in Mobile Legends! | © Montoon

Regal Renegade is Fredrinn's first-ever skin. It will be available between August 12 and August 25, 2022, and can be purchased for 51 Diamonds.

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