Genshin Impact: Whose Chair Is Placed At The Center Of The Eternal Oasis?

Sometimes we need to take a step back to appreciate some story telling and lore in Genshin Impact.

Eternal oasis genshin impact
Let's take a deep dive into some Genshin Impact Lore. |© HoYoVerse

Genshin Impact is a huge video game that has many layers to its world. Every quest, NPC, puzzle, and enemy has some connection to the world and the lore within Teyvat.

What makes this so impressive is the amount of detail that Hoyoverse puts into it. One of the most impressive pieces of story work within Genshin Impact, in our opinion, is the story that is told within a small island in the land of Sumeru.

Commonly called The Orchard of Pairidaeza or the Eternal Oasis. This tiny point of interest within the larger Sumeru map has a big story to tell about the greater story being told in the entire game. Let's take a closer look.

The Chair In The Center Of The Oasis Belongs To Whom In Genshin Impact

Eternal oasis chairs genshin impact
There's a circle of chairs in the Eternal Oasis, who's are they? |© HoYoVerse

To understand the importance of these chairs, we need to take a look at the region real fast. During the Eternal Dream, Ever Lush world quest, the Traveler is taken to the Oasis by Jeht, who is a part of the Tanit clan.

The quest takes the Traveler and Jeht to the Eternal Oasis so she can lay her parent heirlooms to rest in the middle of the Oasis.

The reason why this Oasis is so important to Jeht and her family is because of their clan's dedication to the Goddess of Flowers.

The Goddess of Flowers, Nabu Malikata, is a long-deceased god who was friends with the last Dendro Archon, and she was also very close friends with two other powerful god-like beings, King Deshret and Greater Lord Rukkhadevata.

When The Goddess of Flowers passed away, King Deshret created the Eternal Oasis and used his magic to ensure that the island was forever preserved in a blissful and beautiful state.

Many years later, we come across this refuge with our friend Jeht, and in the center of the island, there are three chairs with mysterious runes written alongside the backs of the chairs.

If you take the runes and translate them, you can find that each chair is dedicated to one of the three Sumeru gods. The Goddess of Flowers, King Deshret, and Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, respectively. The chair in the middle, though, is dedicated to King Deshret.

Who Is King Deshret, And Why Are They Important In Genshin Impact

Mausoleum of king deshret

King Deshret was known as the "king of warriors, horticulturists, and sages." His domain was the desert, and he was the master of the one thousand and one Jinn.

He once ruled Sumeru with the two other God Kings, The Goddess of Flowers and Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, and together the three were oathbound friends.

However, when he and The Goddess of Flowers plotted to go against the Heavenly Principles, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata parted ways with both of them and built her own civilization in a separate corner of Sumeru.

After the death of The Goddess of Flowers by a ritual gone wrong, King Deshret slowly devolved into madness and dedicated himself to the utopia that The Goddess of Flowers wanted to bring to life, a world free of slavery, worry, and schemes.

Eventually, Deshret bestowed ancient knowledge unto the population, and eventually, some humans defected and created an evil that would slowly take over called The Withering.

Deshret's hubris got the best of him, and at the end of his story, the forbidden and unending knowledge would be the death of Deshret and the ancient principles that once held Sumeru together.

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