Genshin Impact Brewing Developments: How To Get Maximum Score In Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges

In this guide, we share the official schedule for Genshin Impact Brewing Developments event Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges while sharing tips on how you can get a high score to claim all rewards.

Genshin Impact Brewing Developments Event Guide How To Get Maximum Score In Shock Boiled Brew Challenges
Here's everything you need to know about the Brewing Developments event in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

The Brewing Developments Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges is a combat-oriented event in Genshin Impact that will commence on April 13, 2023, and will end on April 24, 2023.

For the first eight days of the event, players get a new challenge with three consecutive combat rounds that players must clear using trial or owned characters to earn the event rewards that range from free Primogems, Hero's Wit, Enhancement Ores, character upgrade materials, and Mora.

To make sure you don't miss out on these lucrative rewards, we are here with a handy guide on how to get maximum scores in Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges in Brewing Development events in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Brewing Developments Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges Event Guide

Brewing Developments
Brewing Development event is a nuanced version of Hyakunnin Ikki. | © HoYoverse

During the Brewing Developments event, you will get four different combat-oriented challenges, each having three consecutive rounds to clear. Moreover, whenever you start a round, a Shock-Boiled Brew will be allocated that you can use via the Shock-Boiled Brew device to get up to four different effects that will aid you in battle.

What makes the Brewing Developments event a little challenging is the fact that you cannot use food items or such things. Other than that, since the main goal is to defeat as many opponents as you can within a given time limit, choosing the right team composition while making use of the Shock-Boiled Brew device is going to play a pivotal role in getting you a perfect score.

How To Get Maximum Score In Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges In Genshin Impact

Raiden Shogun Test Run
Raiden Shogun is going to be a great choice for completing the challenges. | © HoYoverse

To get a maximum score in the Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges in Genshin Impact during the Brewing Developments event, we recommend players make a team comp based around Burst DPS units that heavily rely on Elemental Reactions and have AoE-based attacks.

On that note, you can also tag along a healer like Kokomi and support units like Xingqiu or Bennet. Keep in mind, the main goal should be dealing massive AoE-based damage.

  • Sucrose
  • Mona
  • Bennet
  • Raiden Shogun

The above team comp is also great for getting a high score in Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges, though you can experiment with different comps.

That concludes our guide on the Genshin Impact Brewing Developments event Shock-Boiled Brew Challenges guide.

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