Genshin Impact: Who Occupies The Ninth Seat Among The Fatui Harbingers?

The Mysterious Harbingers are slowly revealing themselves, who is the Ninth Seat?

Fatui harbingers genshin impact
A handful of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers have revealed themselves. |© HoYoVerse

Genshin Impact is a massive roleplaying game with many layers attached to its world. Every quest, NPC, puzzle, and enemy has some connection to the world and the lore within Teyvat.

What makes this so impressive is the amount of detail that Hoyoverse puts into it. Almost every Genshin Impact player has a bad guy that they just love.

Some players even only exclusively like the bad characters within the story. Hoyoverse does an amazing job of making the characters interesting, aesthetically and story-wise.

The way the developers weave stories about these characters within other characters' main stories is so intricate and makes it fun for players like us to piece everything together to get a better view of the bigger picture.

Today, we're going to take a look at the Ninth Seat of the Fatui Harbingers and all of the information we have about them.

Who Are The Fatui Harbingers?

Fatui harbingers genshin 2
Slowly we have come to learn who the Fatui Harbingers actually are. |© HoYoVerse

Let's take a look at the Fatui Harbingers as a whole at first. The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are the heads of the Fatui and Tsarita's lieutenants who, at the end of the day, have endless authority to do as they please.

The Harbingers have also had their abilities boosted by the Tsarita's Delusions which are essentially very powerful scientifically boosted Visions. This puts the Harbingers on a different level of danger.

The Harbingers are the most powerful and high-ranking members of the Fatui, and due to this, they have a huge influence over politics, economics, the military, and even the medical industry within Teyvat. Their tendrils are deeply rooted within society.

Due to the power the Harbingers hold, each member is given a codename. They are also sorted from least powerful at eleven to most powerful at number one. It is rumored that the Top Three Harbingers have powers that can rival those of gods.

Pantalone, AKA Regrator "Rich Man" Of The Ninth Seat

Pantalone genshin impact
Who is the mysterious 9th seat of the Fatui Harbingers? |© HoYoVerse

Pantalone is commonly referred to as the Regrator within Genshin Impact. Regrator means "a person who regrates or buys up commodities in advance and sells them for a higher price, especially during a crisis."

This turns out to be an apt name for the man. Pantalone is in charge of Snezhnaya's economic policies and is the wealthiest of the Harbingers. Prior to Pantalone, we were told by Ekaterina that Childe had an "ungodly amount" of gold.

So, for us to know now that Pantalone has even more money just shows how powerful and intelligent he is. Rumor has it that Pantalone is solely focused on making the cold tundra of Snezhnaya the center of economic trade and mercantilism around the world.

Even more so, what he really wants to do is upset the balance of life by flipping the imbalance between gods and humans. From all that we know about the Fatui Harbingers and their goals, it's clear to see why someone like Pantalone would be a key member to ensure that the organization is able to achieve its goals.

He has the smarts, the money, and the lack of morals to make sure that no matter what, he will see his dreams enacted.

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