Genshin Impact Sword Tier List (V3.4)

What are the best swords in Genshin Impact version 3.4?

Check out the best Swords in Genshin Impact. © HoYoverse

So you decided to look up the best swords in Genshin Impact to slice your enemies with more confidence? You've come to the right place.

Besides being one of the most satisfying gameplay aspects, the game's melee combat also gives you extraordinary abilities depending on the character you choose - and, of course, the enemy; after all, we don't want you facing an Oceanid head-on melee style, right?

Five stars

Grabbing a 5-star blade can be a tedious (or expensive) task in Genshin Impact. But remember, the devs have pity on their player base, so it is an achievable goal if you can play the Pity System of the game. Anyways, here are the best ones if you want a top-tier sword for your character.

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The best five-star swords in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

Primordial Jade Cutter

This jade-cutting beauty has a beautiful design as well. It is one of the best options for those characters focused on defense and sustain since its passive increases damage based on max life.

Aquila Favonia

A sword with one of the best passive abilities in the game. Whenever its bearer takes damage, the blade summons a spirit that allows players to recover 100 to 160% of their damage output as HP. The effect also deals area damage, causing up to 200 to 320% of ATK, although it can only occur every 15 seconds.

Mistsplitter Reforged

This is a Jack of all trades sword since it increases the bonus damage with each weapon stack. In addition, it has an excellent base attack. From here, the player who intends to use a character that deals constant elemental damage can have a great ally on hand.

Haran Geppaku Futsu

This is a great weapon to rotate your party and cause enormous normal attack damage. The loop of using this weapon is based on switching characters to generate damage stacks. However, it is a simple way to play, change to a second character and use a skill, repeat with a third character, use a skill, and switch back to your character who has Futsu equipped.

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The best four-star swords in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

Four Stars

Sacrificial Sword

The Sacrificial Sword is great with elemental skill characters, making it an excellent alternative for support-focused characters. This is because, after each attack with an Elemental Skill, the player can reset their skill - this passive has a 30-second cooldown, though, to prevent, you know, a cataclysmic skill damage loop.

The Black Sword

This is an excellent DPS alternative for crit-focused characters. This is due mainly to its passive, which gives normal and charged attack bonuses and regenerates 90% of your attack damage every time you hit a critical attack.

Harbinger of Thorn

If you use attack buffs, it is an excellent option to increase your real damage as it increases the crit rate when above 90%, suitable for characters like Alhaitham.

Toukabou Shigure

The Shigure is an excellent option for focusing on single targets due to its passive affecting only one enemy.

Favonius Sword

This is a nice option for teammates who demand a lot of Energy and require magical sustain. That is because of its passive skill, which grants a 60% chance of critical attacks generating a particle that recovers six Energy for the character.

Alhaitham Genshin Impact
The newest character in Genshin Impact, Al-Haitham. | © HoYoverse

Characters and nice synergies

In addition to knowing which sword is best for annihilating your enemy, we have separated the best sword-wielding characters to add to your composition. Remember that even among the sword-wielding characters, there are different categories. These three exemplify how each swordsman’s nature can fit differently depending on your team.

Kuki Shinobu
- Shinobu's main focuses are her elemental ability that can create a ring that remains even if she is changed, in addition to her HP-related bonuses.

- The purpose of Albedo's kit is support and group control. Here, the Cinnabar Spindle perfectly synergizes with the character because its primary ability scales elemental damage from the defense.

- The most recent addition to the character poll that arrived with the Lantern Rite Festival focuses on DPS, and it's a great alternative for composing your party with a base attack damage dealer. Try to build an offensive build, focusing on Elemental Proficiency, Critical Damage, and Energy Recharge. This should help you achieve the highest potential for Al. Ooh, we’re already buddies!

Sword wielder, look out for this on 3.4!

Besides Al-Haitham, the 3.4 update for Genshin Impact also brings a lot of new pieces of equipment with its new banners. Since we’re talking about swords, pay attention to the Light of Foliar Incision (five-star) and The Flute (four-star) swords.

Light of Foliar Incision provides a critical rate buff to your char and can increase elemental and normal attack damages depending on your attack. The Flute is best for more active characters since it depends on charged and normal attacks. Each one of them grants a Harmonic on hit. After gathering five Harmonics, it deals bonus damage to surrounding enemies.

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