Best Mk12 Loadout For PUBG Mobile: Complete Attachment Setup

Our best Mk12 loadout can enhance your performance in PUBG Mobile and make every game a masterpiece. We've included all the best attachments for this weapon.

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We will show you the best attachment loadout for the Mk12 in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

Even though the Mk12 might not be the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile, it's definitely worth the attention. It will be especially useful if you use it with a secret sauce - our carefully crafted Mk12 loadout that takes this beast to the next level.

With our attachment setup, you can do both: eliminate targets at long range and engage in intense mid-range battles. As most opponents don't expect you to use a DMR like the Mk12, this firearm can become your secret weapon for victory.

That said, here are the best attachments you can use for the Mk12 in PUBG Mobile.

Best Mk12 Attachment Loadout In PUBG Mobile

Mk12 Loadout for PUBG Mobile
An overview of the best Mk12 attachment loadout in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

Creating the loadout for the Mk12 in PUBG Mobile was a tough nut. The weapon has high recoil, low fire rate, and insufficient damage compared to other DMRs. These issues cannot be fixed with only four attachments.

Thus, we've tried to work with every weak side of the Mk12 and make it a more balanced weapon to secure you a better in-game experience.

Here is the best Mk12 loadout in PUBG Mobile:

  • Muzzle: Compensator
  • Foregrip: Vertical Foregrip
  • Scope: x6 Scope
  • Magazine: Extended Quick Draw Magazine

If you want to stay silent, feel free to replace the Muzzle Compensator with a Suppressor. It won't affect the time-to-kill, but will make the Mk12 more controlled.

You can also consider replacing the x6 Scope with a x4 Scope for mid-range encounters and the x8 Scope for long-range ones. Still, it might be tough to find x8 Scope without looting an Airdrop.

Besides this, the Vertical Foregrip and Extended Quick Draw Magazine are reliable attachments for most weapons in the game.

Mk12 Weapon Stats

Mk12 Weapon Stats
The Mk12's stats are slightly lower compared to other DMRs in PUBG Mobile. | © Tencent Games

If you are going to use the Mk12, then you will need to know its stats. For the most part, this weapon boasts some impressive stats. This makes it one of the best DMRs you can use in the game.

But, knowing these stats, you can use them to tailor your playing style to meet this weapon's demands.

The weapon stats for the Mk12 in PUBG Mobile are as follows:

  • Power: 48
  • Rate of Fire: 44
  • Range: 63
  • Magazine Size: 20
  • Stability: 62
  • Reload Speed: 2.6 seconds

In stock, the Mk12's stats look like the M762. That's why it's so important to use proper attachments that can significantly increase your battle effectiveness.

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