How To Play PUBG Mobile With A Controller

Getting bored of the gameplay on a small screen? Read on and discover how to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. We've included two ways to enjoy the game using a controller.

PUBG Mobile With a Controller
Here's how to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. | © Tencent Games

If you want to improve your gameplay, using a controller in PUBG Mobile is a viable option. While it provides enhanced in-game movement and aim control, it is not considered cheating and can take your overall gaming experience to the next level.

If you want to discover a way to use a controller for PUBG Mobile, check out this guide. We'll discuss the many ways you can play PUBG Mobile with a controller.

Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support

PUBG Mobile With a Controller Settings
PUBG Mobile controller settings. | © Tencent Games

At the time of writing, there is no official controller support in PUBG Mobile. The game's rules prohibit the use of any third-party controllers. Some players have even reported being banned from the game for using a controller

Still, it doesn't mean you cannot enjoy PUBG Mobile with a controller. There are various ways to do so, and we will explore them in this article. Keep reading to find out more.

How To Play PUBG Mobile Using A Controller

You can play PUBG Mobile using a wireless controller or an emulator.

Before explaining these, do take note that there is a small risk of getting banned by using a controller. We don't recommend doing it but only describe the best ways to play PUBG with a controller.

Use Wireless Controllers

PUBG Mobile With a Controller Wireless Controller
Aiming with wireless controller. | © Tencent Games

To enjoy PUBG Mobile via a controller on mobile devices, you can use wireless controllers. These devices connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and can simulate tapping on your screen, ensuring you the best in-game experience.

It is crucial to use wireless controllers of high quality that support Bluetooth 5.0 or higher to avoid issues with ping and lag.

  • If you're looking for the best possible controller to use in PUBG Mobile, we recommend using a Razer Kishi mobile game controller that will give you an edge over your opponents.

Play PUBG Mobile Using Emulator

PUBG Mobile With a Controller Emulator
Shooting with a controller via emulator. | © Tencent Games

If the first option doesn't work, you can enjoy PUBG Mobile with a controller using an Android emulator. It only requires you to have a working controller and PC good enough to handle the emulator. This way works well, and there are many YouTubers who play PUBG Mobile with a controller on a PC.

If you're interested in learning how to install PUBG Mobile on PC, check out our guide. Simply follow our instructions and you can install PUBG Mobile on your PC in a few minutes.

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