Brawlhalla Codes (September 2023): Free Skins, Bundles, Cosmetics & Rewards

You can get free skins, bundles, cosmetics, and more rewards by using these new Brawlhalla codes.

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Here are the latest working Brawlhalla codes for this month. | © Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play 2D fighting game available everywhere from console, PC, and mobile. Despite being released in 2014, the game has continued to grow in size and popularity. In 2023, the game is bigger than ever.

With over 50 playable Legends that you can use to compete in massive tournaments and beatdowns, you'll need the best cosmetics, skins, and bundles to earn those much-deserved victories in style.

Lucky for you, you don't always have to cough out those hard-earned coins to buy them. You can earn new cosmetics for free simply by using codes.

Here are the latest Brawlhalla codes for September 2023 and how you can use them.

How To Use Brawlhalla Codes

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It's easy to claim your rewards with the Brawlhall codes. | © Blue Mammoth Games

If you want to use Brawlhall codes, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Brawlhalla.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Main Menu and select Store.
  3. Select the Redeem Code tab located in the bottom left-hand corner.
  4. Enter a working code.
  5. Tap Enter to claim your rewards.

Once you have submitted your code, your rewards will be automatically sent to your Brawlhalla account.

New Brawlhalla Codes (September 2023)

Here are the active Brawlhalla codes:

  • X1RHS4-9GF2KB - Space Dogfighter Bundle code

You will only be able to use them if you have an Amazon Prime Gaming account. It's a one-time use code for each player.

  • Upgrade your gaming experience in Brawlhalla by getting yourself a phone stand that will allow you to keep farming.

Expired Brawlhalla Codes

Brawlhalla Redeem Codes
These codes can no longer be used to claim rewards in Brawlhalla. | © Blue Mammoth Games

Here is a list of the expired Brawlhalla codes:

  • GQTG6J-BB8CJZ - Iron Legion Bundle
  • P97TJ9-Z521XV - Mysterious Stranger Bundle
  • 7T5G5Y-MVGPP8 - Nightblade Bundle
  • 0HV3XA-6JEM5V - Phantom Bundle
  • X1RHS4-9GF2KB - Space Dogfighter Bundle
  • XN1RRJ-Q8PJVX - Random Legends
  • 5XGHWJ-5JCNS1 - Shadow Ops Bundle
  • 408J7W-RZAW18 - Dark of Night Bundle code
  • NPKN01-YR1NG5 - Katars of the Raven Skin
  • 6D885W-DRTD9W - Raven’s Talon Scythe Skin

Keep in mind that these codes can no longer be used to claim any in-game rewards.

We will update this section once any active codes expire.

How To Get More Brawlhalla Codes

Brawlhalla codes are usually released on the game's Twitter page during special events. Codes are occasionally released on their other social media profiles.

Alternatively, you can bookmark this page as we regularly update it to include the latest Brawlhalla codes.

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