Arcane Lineage Mining Guide: Ferrus, Aestic, And Lanus Ores Locations And How To Mine

This guide shares the location of Ferrus, Aestic, And Lanus Ores in Arcane Lineage while talking about how you can mine them.

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Here's everything you need to know about Mining in Arcane Lineage. | © Arcane Lineage

Arcane Lineage features mining that players can utilize to obtain a variety of ores to craft different armors the game has to offer.

The better the armor, the longer you survive and the less you will worry about getting your lives back.

So, to ensure you are ready to mine ores and use them to craft different items in the game, we are here with an Arcane Lineage mining guide that shares the location of all ores and details on how you can mine them.

All Ores In Arcane Lineage And Their Location

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Arcane Lineage offers three unique ores that you can use for crafting purposes. | © Arcane Lineage

Below you can find the location and other details on the Ferrus, Aestic, and Lanus ores in Arcane Lineage:

Update: We checked for new minerals on August 21.

OreDescriptionLocation / How To Get
FerrusA silver ore that’s tough to work with and is commonly used for weapons and armor.Tundra
AesticA slightly black-tinted ore commonly found in extremely hot areas, it’s commonly used as a heating reagent but has moderate toughness.Tundra
LanusA polished yellow ore that is easily moldable, commonly found in temperate regions.Deeproot Canal

How To Mine Ores In Arcane Lineage

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The blacksmith is located in the center of Caldera Town, right behind where you spawn. | © Arcane Lineage

In Arcane Lineage, you can mine ores using the Pickaxe tool that you can purchase from the Blacksmith in Caldera Town in exchange for Gold.

Once you have the Pickaxe, equip it and go to a location that has ore deposits. After that, when you are near an ore deposit, press the hotkey in which you have the Pickaxe equipped.

Doing so will let you mine the respective ore and move it to your inventory.

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