Wild Rift's Easiest And Most Rewarding Event Has Begun

The Power Spike Party event has come to League of Legends: Wild Rift, offering up easy rewards!

Wild Rift Power Spike Party Rewards
The Wild Rift Power Spike Party has begun! | © Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift is currently celebrating its second-year anniversary with the Power Spike update, which introduced new champions, items, enchants, and even a new game mode.

Now it is time to get the party really started, with the two-week-long Power Spike Party event kicking off!

This event is pretty special, as it's designed to be a celebration of the game and simply playing it. There are no complicated challenges involving mid-lanes or towers, simply jump into the game and claim some sweet rewards.

Even better, the best rewards don't even involve playing any games at all; you just need to log in and claim with a champion selection chest, and various Power Spike Party-themed rewards are up for grabs.

Wild Rift Power Spike Party
Get a free champion in the Power Spike Party. | © Riot Games

Here is everything you need to know.

Wild Rift Power Spike Party - Start And End Time

The Power Spike Party is currently live, having started at 12 am UTC on October 12.

The event will run for two weeks finishing up at midnight on October 25.

Wild Rift Power Spike Party Start end time
Wild Rift's Power Spike Party is a big giveaway! | © Riot Games

Wild Rift Power Spike Party - Rewards

The Power Spike Party has two reward tracks.

The first is the daily login rewards, of which there are seven. You don't have to log in on consecutive days; simply log in to the game on seven separate days over the course of the two-week event.

By getting to day four, you will get a free champion selection chest.

Daily loginReward
1Rift Runner Homeguard Trail (expires after the event) and 2000 Blue Motes
2Happy Riftiversary! icon
3Victory Cake bauble
4Champion selection chest
5Power Spike Party icon selection chest
6Power Spike Party bauble selection chest
7Power Spike Party emote selection chest

The next set of rewards is locked behind playing matches, play one match for seven days, and earn 75 Blue Motes and 1 event XP each time.

These missions do stack, so on day seven you could feasibly play all seven matches and collect the rewards.

By completing all seven you will earn a free random skin chest.

Happy Riftiversary! Go get those rewards!

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