Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Bots?

Bots in Apex Legends Mobile can sap the fun out of the experience but when do you get rid of them?

Does apex legends have bots
Octane treating Mirage like a bot... | © EA

Apex Legends Mobile has got its global release but many are discovering that, at least in their first matches, they are facing bots. These bots make the game stupidly easy and it can be a frustrating experience for those that want to test their mettle against the best in the game.

But when do the bots get removed from Apex Legends Mobile? This guide explains all.

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Bots?

Apex Legends Mobile sadly does have bots and it has got many of the early birds up in arms. The Best Weapons In Apex Legends Mobile of players complaining about how easy these A.I.-controlled players are to defeat making games feel just a bit pointless.

Thankfully, bots will soon disappear from your game but you will need to work through a number of your initial games until that is the case.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bots In Apex Legends Mobile?

Getting rid of bots in Apex Legends Mobile is simply a case of ranking up your account.

The game sets you with bots initially as you get used to the mobile controls, as you play more and your account level rises the number of bots you will see in games will decrease with many reporting that by level 5-8 bots are all but gone.

By the time you get to account level 8 you will have also unlocked the game's ranked mode - which never fills out the lobby with bots no matter the server population.

On casual playlists, it may be that even at higher account levels you will also find the occasional bot in your lobby and this will be entirely dependent on server population. In low population regions, bots may be used to fill out lobbies in casual playlists so you are not waiting a huge amount of time for a game. Though this will be a rare occurrence and it also worth noting that not all the players in the lobby will be bots unlike your initial games.

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